Theda question??

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  1. looks good to me and you get the wallet
  2. Does anyone know what this retails for??? I think I could get the bag for 1700 minus the wallet. I do not need the wallet. (well, I dont need the bag either!)
  3. not sure of exact retail >>>> but you could always resell the wallet I guess. Are you going to go for it ???
  4. I think that wallet is on elux.
  5. I always thought the leather on the Theda is a tad darker for some Im not sure...I was about to go for it!
  6. I still have my eye on this bag....anyone??? Please tell me what you think? Im not a big I would really be taking a chance, would love to know what you all think before I take the dive....THANKS!
  7. Sunshine,
    Im pretty good at authenticity on LV bags. I personally think it auth. But the only real way of telling is to have it authenticated. If you were to purchase this I highly suggest paypal, they are really good on getting your money back if you arent satisfied.
  8. Okay...I think it is real...I spoke with the sellar and also spoke to a poupette person and she said good deal....NOW then...Do you guys like this style?? Or do you think it looks kind of last year? Thanks again all!
  9. It's not too bad - a charming bag overall. A bit too "diva-ish" for my tastes, but for someone who likes that type of style, it'd be great. Definitely more of an evening bag or a casual daytime bag rather than a 9-to-5 business bag!
  10. I personally like the bag. I have it in the white multicolor. Which I am selling. Everyone has such mixed feeling on this style, but I think it is adorable.

  11. People felt that way about the multicolore Leonor too!
  12. I have the multicolor theda and i am considering of selling mine too...
  13. I bought my theda brand new and i only used it once.

    Ladies, what do you think is a good price for the multi theda? Is $2200 reasonable?