Theda question??

I still have my eye on this bag....anyone??? Please tell me what you think? Im not a big I would really be taking a chance, would love to know what you all think before I take the dive....THANKS!
Im pretty good at authenticity on LV bags. I personally think it auth. But the only real way of telling is to have it authenticated. If you were to purchase this I highly suggest paypal, they are really good on getting your money back if you arent satisfied.
Okay...I think it is real...I spoke with the sellar and also spoke to a poupette person and she said good deal....NOW then...Do you guys like this style?? Or do you think it looks kind of last year? Thanks again all!
It's not too bad - a charming bag overall. A bit too "diva-ish" for my tastes, but for someone who likes that type of style, it'd be great. Definitely more of an evening bag or a casual daytime bag rather than a 9-to-5 business bag!