Theda price question

  1. I wanted to know if anyone knows what the retail for the Theda was. Monogram and multicolour?:nuts:

  2. I remember the Mc keepall was 2470 and the Mc theda was 2480 because I was like wow... you get so much more bag in the keepall for less money lol! but then the mc keepall went up to 2590 so its proably around 2600 theda mc and the mono is prob like 2400?
  3. Monogram Canvas:
    PM- $1900
    GM- $2300

    PM- $2140
    GM- $2600
  4. Thank you! You guys rock!
  5. ^Are you planning on buying it!? I hope you are!
  6. I always adred the Theda shape...but as Im not a huge fan of the monohram or multcolour lines I didn't.

    Now Ive found a well priced one (250british pounds so nearly 500US dollars) I think I am considering the monogram GM!!!!

  7. I adore the Theda and I'm sorry to ask but are you sure it's authentic that prices seems a little too good to be true
  8. Absolutly! A)its a friend of mine selling it to me B) I am quite good at authenticating (LV specialist baby ;))

    Thank you for your concern, but this situation is not one when authenticity is relevant. In most cases, yes it would be a worry where the price is too good to be true, but sometimes you can get a good deal! (I found a tompkins square in bronze- practically unused for under 500USD!- retil was a little over 1000USD!).

    Thanks for your concern though.
  9. In that case I say go for it, I love the Theda and that is a a GREAT price
  10. My MC Theda just sits lonely in the closet, rarely used because it is such a pain to get in and out of and fits hardly is the one LV item over $2000 that I regret purchasing the week it came out.