Theda PM? Anyone Got one?

  1. Hey gang, I just got a Theda PM..anyone else have one? Are you using it strictly as an evening bag??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i dont have it.....i think its really hot pics!
  3. Don't have one but wish I did come on selena where are the pics you know better!! What did you get Mono or MC
  4. I got the Mono I will get all my pictures up on Friday. I got so much this week, got to get to taken pictures!!!!
  5. Here she is my new Theda PM:

  6. Selena!!! SHE IS HOT HOT HOT!!!:nuts: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. That's a really pretty bag!
  8. Beautiful Selena!:love:
  9. Thanks Guys!! its smaller then I thought but perfect for an evening bag. :smile:

    It is drool worthy! LOL Now I want the big size! HEE HEE!!
  10. Very pretty, Selena!
  11. That is gorgeous I love it, that bag is SO on my want list
  12. Oh Selena, that is beautiful!
  13. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that bag! I had looked at is several times in the past. Its lovely! YEAH for you!!!!!!!!!
  14. heheheeee!!! Looks FABULOUS! She's so cute next to all your fine stuff girl!
  15. very hot, congrats!