Theda GM

  1. Do you think it might possibly make a come back? I know I could get it from eBay, but I don't want to buy it off eBay. Do you think LV can make it, if you request it as a special order?

  2. sorry to say i dont think it will ever come back and seasonal or LE items cant be SOd.
    if you find one on eBay post the link to the auction in the athenticate this thread in the shopping section and everyone will have a good look t it for you
  3. Some of LV stores in small town/country still avalaible :smile: I'm in Asia and it's still avalaible here, in MC and Mono

  4. Wow that's great to hear! What country in Asia?

  5. I dont think there is any left in Canada.
  6. Maybe call 866 to see if they can locate one for you.
  7. I'm in Indonesia but since I remember, HK and Sin also still have it, try to ask your SA to locate one for you :smile:
  8. Won't hurt to try having your SA or 866 locate one for you :yes: As for a re-issue or comeback, I highly doubt it :sad: And like someone else said above, LV doesn't special order discontinued or limited edition items.
  9. Wow! That would be amazing if I store still had it. Good luck, keep us posted.
  10. I have that bag and it is the hardest of my LV bags to get in and out of but it sure looks pretty!
  11. I have the GM too, i love it but don't carry it much anymore. I was completely in love with it 2+ years ago and carried it all the time!! Such a pretty bag :heart:
  12. i would call around to each store. I hope to find a MC one but no rush.
  13. I don't think it will make a comeback, I think it's like the Mizi/Klara in terms of availability. It won't be remade.
  14. I hope you find one soon.