Theda black Multicolore

  1. hi all... i'm pretty new here... i just need some suggestions....
    My fren had this Theda PM Black Multicolore that she has never used... and she wants to sell it to me... and they are of very good price.. app. half the price of the original price... should i buy it?
    What concerns me is that I feel the bag is too small for me (i'm abt 168cm)...
    and i actually preferred the white colour in GM size....
    But the price she offered me is just too tempting... :Push:
    Any opinion? :confused1: :confused1:
  2. There you said it! you preferred "white MC, GM" and you have concerns. Even it's a good deal and it's from a friend, do not spend on something you have doubts on, not even for half the price.

    And if she's a good enough friend, as her to see if you can borrow it for a day and carry it. See how you feel.
  3. :yes: Totally agree.
  4. Totally agree on this. Black MC is sooo sexy!!! :devil: