"theBAGforum"...copying our thePURSEforum??? lol...

  1. I wouldn't post links to other forums here. It's against the rules.
  2. Sad imitation performed by bloggers who lack the talent to create something of their own. :tdown:
  3. Are these the people that were posted about a while ago who copied some of the members' names and pics and even copied some of Meg's blog entries? Scumbags.:tdown:
  4. Nah, that was someone else.
  5. Didn't even know it existed......ewwwwww...:yucky:

    No matter, it doesn't compare to TPF !!!!!!!!
  6. When you are the biggest and best, I guess these copy-cats are bound to pop up, unfortunately. What a shame they outright steal material to their sites and present it as their own.
  7. Its kind of compliment that they copied...
  8. :blah: Pfffrrrrrrr... a poor imitation, at best. This place is just like Kellogg's Cornflakes, "The Original and Best!" :tup:

  9. I've seen several bag forums, none compare to TPF. I love this place.
  10. :shrugs:I don't think it looks anything like this forum. There are A LOT of forums about fashion, handbags, shoes, etc. It doesn't mean anyone is copying this one. This forum isn't that old per se.
  11. I am fairly new here and I would not even consider going elsewhere... keep up the great work vlad... this is my home away from home!!!!
  12. Talking about copycat I saw worse than this one but I wont do some publicity fro these people. To give you an idea it's the exact copy of the Purse Forum and the leaders are Purse Forum users (same avatar and username) It's great that the Purse Forum has a new layout.
  13. I was googling something and came across that site. I felt like I was in the bizarro purse forum.
  14. They can copy our forum, but they can't beat us!!