1. Does anyone know the mailing address from the I have received a defective product from that website but they have refused to give me a return mailing address, without which my credit card cannot issue me a refund. I did not know the website was based in Hong Kong or China, and the writing on the original mailing envelope (now lost) was all chinese.

    Any one out there with the same plight?
  2. It is a blatant fake bag site! Balenciaga wallet for $160?? etc??? It's a crappy fake site that we don't condone sharing information about. Interesting first post for you.
  3. I tried to run a query on their domain name, and it was refused. So - looks like you're SOL. Although probably didn't pay too much for the bag (which is probably fake) so - I guess you get what you pay for ...
  4. Yup, very obvious fake site. LV's have that infamous yellow "authenticity" card. ICK. And the prices are way too good to be true.

    I guess it's partially your own fault for not finding out more about the site before buying from got what you paid for. :s

    There is an email on their could try that.
  5. oh, thats too bad.....hopefully someone shut down that site....
  6. I purposely purchased from them knowing they are fakes and have not received a word about my purchase or ship date. Of course ny credit card was charged.
  7. I know I am a year late posting on this subject & I know there are a lot of people against the replicas but I wanted to share my experience (and for the record I do own 2 real prada's purchased at Saks & spend a lot a lot on real designer goods).

    I ordered from voguebags & from thebagaddiction. I received 2 handbags from voguebags, one miu miu & one jimmy choo mahala. the jimmy choo was horrible, defective, had a tack sticking out of the side of the bag, writing on the leather (from manufacturing I guess) etc. The miu miu was ok, it's a cute style bag but isn't of quality (scratched cheap hardware etc). I emailed them & they emailed me back with an address to return to within a half hour. so we'll see if i get a refund... I have to say I half ordered them because I was curious.

    at thebagaddiction i ordered a lancel flirt in white. I have never seen a Lancel & we do not have a store here to purchase one so I have nothing to compare it to. I just bought it because I thought it was cute. The bag is amazing! The quality is outstanding, the hardware is beautiful, the sewing is great. I can't say it's a perfect replica but I can say it's perfectly made!

    Hope this saves someone from making a mistake. I think if you are in love with a bag & have been wanting it for some time buy the real thing, it always makes you feel extra special :smile:
  8. So...does anyone else think it's odd that three first-posters have posted in this thread? I realize they all have different "join dates", but still, it seems a little fishy to me.

  9. Why? Maybe I'm dense.

  10. Will your credit card company issue you a refund even though their website states "Exchanges Only, No Refunds"? You could go ahead and request a Return Authorization number and they should provide you with a return address.
  11. Every now and then in forums you'll see someone trying to promote/bash a website sign up for multiple accounts as different people and comment on the thread, so it seems like their claim has more validity. If you think about it, how often do you see members with one post, and then how often do they all have that one post in the same thread? It just struck me as odd, especially with Compass Rose pointing out that we don't share info about that website here.
  12. It also seems that these people purchased from this site knowing that it was selling fakes. Folks, you picked the wrong forum to ask for help!