- reputable site?

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  1. Those bags all look fake to me. I would pick the bag you were considering and then post it in the Authenticate This area.
  2. Oh I'm not supposed to be "considering" at all. But thanks! Now I won't be tempted.
  3. They are all fake - my hair lady buys all of her bags from them.
  4. :throwup::throwup:
  5. yes, big time fake :sos:
  6. Very tempting, but no.

    Found this:

    Are you handbags authentic?
    No, all products sold are exact mirrors and not being sold or represented as original. We guarantee that they are mirror image bags and brand new direct from our factory with tags attached, serial numbers (date codes), All handbags come with dust cover and has brand embossed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.