Thea Dress?

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  1. I've been eying this dress forever, but have had absolutely no reason to buy it. But now I have a baby naming to go to so I have a reason!! However, I'm not sure about the fit.

    Does anyone with a big chest have this dress? How does it fit/look? I'm a 34 e/f and I have wide shoulders so I'm afraid it will make me look too big on top. The model looks like she's an A cup so I can't really tell.

    Also, what kind of shoes would you wear with it? I can't really wear a super open sandal (like in the picture) because I'll be in temple, so I'm kind of at a loss.

    I hope you ladies can help me. :smile: TIA.
  2. I actually tried out the dress in a Large. I promptly returned it because being bigger busted made the length of the dress shorter... Mid thigh. Which I wasn't comfortable with. The V neck seemed to minimize my bust but the way the shoulders sit made my shoulders look larger. Which wasn't too bad cuz I've got smallish shoulders.
    BTW- 34G bust, size 12/14, 5-8" tall

    The dress would look great with some regular old plastic sandals or fancier ones (Iskia BB colorblock looked awesome with the dress) The dress really lends it self to being dressed up or down.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm only 5'4" so I'm hoping it will come to right above the knee.

    Was it tight across the bust? I was thinking I'd get the medium, but now I'm not sure. I have an earhart (sp?) jacket in large & since I've lost a bunch of weight (everywhere but my chest!) it's big on me, but I don't want the dress to be tight in the bust.

    Thanks. :smile:
  4. Yeah a medium should work. I had a little breathing room in the bust area on the over portion of the dress and the under dress was a little tight. There are two pieces of the dress the over part should hide if the under part is too tight KWIM

    Post pics if you get it :smile:
  5. Thanks for your help. :smile: I ordered it! Plus I got it through the twitter sale so I got free shipping. Love that. Hopefully it will work out. Now to hunt down some shoes & choose a bag!
  6. ooh i am 5'4 too...i have been wanting this dress forever but ive gotten mixed opinions about it. please do post pics when you get it!
  7. Hey guys! Hope all is well! I wondered if anyone bought this dress and had pictures of it. I just used my gift certificate and purchased it in both colors, but I'm hoping they are as cute as they look in the pics. Anyone have modeling pics of this dress? Thanks in advance chicas!

  8. Hey there cherub -
    just thought about you the other day thinkin' that it's been forever since we've heard from you (OR I may be just missing your posts).....nice seein' ya.........and yes, it would be great to see pics of a HOTTIE in it - IRL!
  9. Awww! Thanks DCBLAM! I've been lurking! There hasn't been anything eye catching lately, but once something catches my eye, I will be a posting hog. LOL =)
  10. I wore this dress this past weekend to the baby naming & got TONS of compliments. And I rarely get compliments on my outfits, especially not from that crew, lol.

    The medium fit me perfectly, although it was hard to get over the girls, so I had to step into it. Thanks lulu for helping me with the size. :smile:

    Of course my camera died this past weekend so I couldn't take any pics when I looked nice, but I do have a few pictures from when I tried it on. You'll have to forgive the bad pictures. It was the end of a long day, I was a sweaty mess & DH takes terrible pictures.

    Picasa Web Albums - Deborah

    I have to say this was the most comfortable dress I've ever worn. I loved it so much I came home & ordered the blue one!

  11. Thanks so much Deborah! You are looking fantabulous in it. I ordered the small and am hoping it will fit all right. Does the tank dress underneath have any stretch to it? I ordered both the Citron and blue one and am mucho excited.
  12. Aw, thanks. :blush:

    The tank dress has a thin elastic that goes under the bust in the front and kind of goes down to the waist in the back. It really helps to hold it in place. The fabric is stretchy in the way a t-shirt is stretchy, but it drapes very nicely & doesn't cling.

    I also have to say that the tank dress looks really good alone with the belt. I'll definitely be wearing it like that to another event.
  13. ^^Deborilla, what size do you normally wear(#)?

  14. Missed you much cherubchicalicious.. Hi there amiga..:biggrin:

    I only saw the the small IRL..IMHO it's worth the reduced price but wasn't the full price. Fun dress..but I advise to hand wash in cold water..and hang dry or else it will look like a "shmattah"..(rag)..and will probably shrink and fade.

    I loved it..the color combos are delicious..but it didn't love me back when I tried it on..too much boobage and buttage..for a medium even..36 C+....38 hips..24 waist...

    In truth..if I was younger.... perhaps I wouldn't mind what I looked like in it..but there are some things that might look good..but make me uncomfortable..I should stick to my burnooses...LOL look I'm rethinking because I lost some weight since I tried it on..maybe to wear over a bathing suit...?