the zucca...

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  1. so i was wondering to myself earlier, why is the zucca more expensive than the BV? the buon viaggio is more a "classic style" (ie a casual tote) and the zucca is more "of the moment." granted, i really love both styles, but what is it that makes the zucca, a smaller bag, worth $24 more. anyone know?

  2. I think it's because the Zucca is more structured than the BV.
  3. that was the only thing i could think... zucca is cute and totally worth $184, but you definately get more bag out of the buon viaggio.
  4. Yeah, I agree. It's got to be a much more difficult purse to assemble and there is that extra zipper on the front.:yes:
  5. Actully my Zucca hold as much as my BV (and looks better doing it). Yuu COULD stuff more in the BV but it would look really bad (JMO of course)
  6. You are right on both counts. Zucca holds just as much. And I sometimes do stuff too much in my BV...does not look so hot then.
  7. I agree w/ the structure... I got my mom a BV (I have one but I haven't used it yet) but she says it's kind of hard finding things in there :lol:
  8. It's definitely more work to put together than the BV, especially because of the piping around the bag. I don't really think the shape of the zucca is "of moment"/trendy. It just looks that way stuffed on the shelf. It's more like a large hobo or satchel.
  9. I think the zucca is a lot classier looking when worn, IMO. It keeps it shape better, and looks more like a handbag than a tote. It's slim but holds a lot, and the zipper pocket is very handy. I don't trust using the mesh BV pockets at all, after I nearly lost $40 worth of subway fare (a metrocard) out of one! I have one BV and wouldn't buy another, but I have two zuccas and am look to get more in the new prints.
  10. Aside from the extra zipper, the zucca just has a lot more hardware/leather than the BV. That's why they don't order them for Hawaii and Guam... The zucca is a lot heavier than the BV and they don't want to pay the extra shipping cost...

    I agree the zucca holds just as much as the BV, unless you stuff the BV to oblivion.