The Zoe Club!! Come, admire, & join!! :)

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  1. Gorgeous!

    But I think if you've been drooling over the regular leather, that's what you should get. I'm funny about patent leather after it starts getting cold outside, but since I think you're in the South, you can get away with it. I just saw the chocolate leather Zoe IRL at the boutique today and I think it's stunning.
  2. i'm such an admire of this bag. you ladies are just killing me flaunting her....ahhh...
  3. I think Chocolate Zoe may accidentally follow me home one day. At least that's the story DH will get ;)

    GORGEOUS bag. If I get a credit for my madeline I think I'll be getting this!

  4. thanks arsweb!! Will be popping by our coach store to try out the sizes!! :P
  5. I get to join tomorrow! My Crimson Editorial Zoe will deliver tomorrow!!!

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve today!
  6. Love all the Zoe!
  7. My berry patent large Zoe is here!!!! I LOVE it! Sorry there's no pics but the camera is acting up. My bag arrived on Thursday and came home on Friday. She made her debut today...I LOVE her!!!!!
  8. I was just in the boutique drooling over the large Zoe in Crimson when they told me I could get it in berry. Uh....I need to update my wishlist. I LOVE the berry.
  9. I think you are right. When I look at all the other Zoe pictures here I think they are so pretty and I love them but when I look at mine I don't feel the same. I think I will take her back to Coach tomorrow and exchange her for the chocolate Zoe. They are saying that patent is really in for the fall but I am more of a matte leather lover!
  10. #85 Sep 8, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2008
    I got the patchwork brown Zoe when I saw it and just loved it last week. I was holding the kisslock satchel in Tan for a long while and also an impulse buy when I was in Orlando pm a signature and silver soho hobo until I saw something I really loved. I happened to be in the store yesterday while I was in the mall and a girl came into Coach that had on the Zoe in signature and chocolate leather . It was very pretty on her with her jeans and a white shirt. I had been thinking about the Bordeaux..but I did not think it would go with all of my basically casual and neutral colors. I always end up with the browns. The signature is much lighter for me than the leather and the strap on the Zoe is more comfy for me than the Carly, for it is thinner and more flexible in the center. I am set for winter having traded in the Natural satchel for the darker brown while I was there. The leather although I loved the style on the kisslock in Tan really scuffs at the slightest touch and the sample on the flor was quite scratched up. I think it would bother me in time. The brown satchel will scrach but will not be quite as apparent and it very pretty . I have just banned myself until I sell some of my older collection and cut down on expenses. When the holiday comes, I will assess our finances I do love bags, but times are getting rough for gas, food and general expenses and I really have to watch the budget. Coach has become too high for the quality they are turning out lately. I am goint to be very content with what I have and sell what I do not wear.
  11. :tender:After craving it for awhile, I finally got my chocolate...zoe! :cutesy:
  12. I:heart: LOVE:heart: Love her:drool:.
    I'm so close to finally breaking down and buying one. Can some one tell me if she slouches nicely like Carly?
  13. lovely zoe! they just arrived at our boutique here not too long ago..but it was kinda big for me!
  14. i wish they had Plum/berry
  15. they the plum/berry in patent...i had ordered one but cancelled the order