The Zippy Compact or the Zippy Organiser?

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  1. Hi girls,
    Just wondering what your opinions are on these two wallets - have been eyeing them for a while and still can't make up my mind!
    As I haven't owned either before or seen the organizer in person yet (will go soon!), just wanted to know your opinions or experiences with them
    Ps. Sorry if there's already been a post on this I've just done a quick search of threads and can't find any but please link one if there is :smile:
  2. I have a zippy wallet and love it. Zippy organizer is a little bit for my needs and the zippy compact is too small. Good luck deciding.
  3. I have regular zippy and zippy organizer. I prefer the regular zippy. Zippy compact is too small.
  4. It depends on what you prefer, I personally like my wallets to open and lie flat. So I would choose the organizer. But it could be too large for you.
  5. The zippy compact wallet is not a small wallet, I think people may be thinking of the zippy coin purse.

    The zippy compact wallet also opens flat, have you seen one in person? I really like mine.
  6. I have the Zippy Compact Wallet and it is a fantastic wallet, I love it! It opens flat and has lots of pockets and space for plenty of cards.
  7. Zippy Organizer is my choice, have it and love it.
  8. I have the zippy compact and it is perfect, the size is great and I love that it can zip all the way open. I can also zip my iPhone into it. One of my best LV purchases, so I would definitely go with that.
  9. Thanks girls! I was browsing youtube earlier and found this review comparing all the zippy's!

    Instead of helping me choose, I'm now kind of considering the original zippy too! Argh will have to do a little more research. Youtube produces so many lemmings! :P
  10. I also have the zippy compact and I love it. It holds everything I need and still has room for more. I love the size and how it can open up flat. The one large side pocket I use for receipts or larger coupons and not for cash. I like that I can keep all my papers/receipts separate and they don't clutter my wallet this way.
  11. Sorry, I was thinking of the Zippy Coin Purse not Compact Wallet.
  12. I also have the compact zippy and its perfect. Also prefer this style over the regular zippy because it lays flat when you open the zipper. And I think most of these are MIF? :smile:
  13. I agree every bit of info you provided! Don't understand how ppl get zippy coin and compact mixed up, along with zippy wallet. They're all different! AnId absolutely love my zippy compact wallet too!

    I use to own the zippy organizer, but it was away to big for my needs!
  14. No problem!! :hugs:
  15. Zippy compact is the perfect size. I think the zippy wallet and organizer is too big and takes up too much space in my purse.