The Zippy Coin Purse Club!

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  1. I didn't find a club for the new zippy coin purse so I thought I'd start. Here's my white multicolore zippy coin purse! I would looooove to get one in vernis!

    Come join me!!

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  2. Here's my Mono Zippy Coin Purse:




  3. How much was the white MC?
  4. ohh i really want a MC zippy coin purse, but when i look at the inside i'm scared the dirty coins will dirty the vanchetta...
  5. I can join the club i own the mono zippy coin purse.
  6. I own the mono, and I'm debating adding an epi one to the collection today. Can I join?
  7. Hi All! I picked mine up this past Saturday at the LV store in Costa Mesa and love it!

  8. same here, that is the only reason why i am hesitant. :sad: but i love to look at pictures of it!!! so please keep posting! :yahoo:
    i would loooooove to see one in vernis though!
  9. I really want to join! Are these big enough to use as an everday waller or is it too small?? TIA!
  10. I was thinking about getting one of these a few months back but when i saw them in the store i felt it was a little big to wear in a pocket. Do any of you with this wallet carry it in your pockets or do you find it a little big for that? after seeing all of these photos i fell in love with it and the MC! wow!
  11. I'm totally in! I got mine the week after it came out! And love it to death.

  12. I'm so excited!! I've been stalking the zippy coin purse for so long... and soon I'll be joining... with this baby! :wlae:

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  13. I just purchased the MC Zippy Coin Purse in Black on eLux this morning! I'm so excited I'm in the club!!!
  14. i must get one of these!
  15. I just got my white MC yesterday! It's so cute, but it's still sitting in its box. I'm just not sure if I should keep it in its pouch in my work purse (it may get black smudges on it as I don't bring my LVs to work) or just let it sit in all its cuteness? What do you guys normally do with white MC? This is my only piece from that line. Also, has anyone seen a damier one? I'm considering one for my bf's bday.