the Yummy CASSIS club!

  1. Come on ladies and gents ... join me in this yummy CASSIS club!:love:

    Here's my Pochette Wallet (pardon Ms. Eugenie, she's just a extra ... lol!)
    Epi wal 07.jpg Epi wal 11.jpg Epi wal 12.jpg Epi wal 16.jpg Epi wal 17.jpg
  2. oooooooooooh you're such a lucky girl!
    I want cassis zippy coin purse so bad hope I will find one soon.
  3. i love your collections... very beautiful.. I love purple too..
    congrats Sweet Purple
  4. Passy Cassis:love: want to join up with Ms. Pochette ^^^
    Passy02.jpg Passy06.jpg Passy07.jpg Passy24.jpg Passy25.jpg
  5. Congrats on your Passy!!!! I wish the Cassis came out in the Alma!!
  6. Wow! Amazing.
  7. the colour is soooo sweet!
  8. ^^^ well, it's your lucky day ... because I was told that it is:yahoo:
  9. SP, you know that I always stalk your posting of anyhting purple.I MUST obtain a wallet,bag something CASSIS EPI!! aaggh!:nuts:.
    congrats on your beautiful purchases.:tup:
  10. has anyone gotten the madeleine pm in cassis yet? i'd love to see a modelling pic of that!
  11. No pic, but I've tried it on in the shop and am agonising over whether to buy it in the cassis, or wait for the black to come in! I've also got my name down for the pochette accessoires in the cassis. Gotta get something in this fab purple!!

  12. really???!!! :yahoo: i asked my SA about this a few days ago and she checked her lookbook - no alma was listed under the cassis collection! she tried looking in the computer system too. hmmph!

    i will keep my fingers crossed that their system has not been updated or something.
  13. Count me in :yahoo:
    DSC0009.JPG DSC0007.JPG DSC00098.JPG DSC00099.JPG
  14. ^^^ Oh me likey!!! Congrats!
  15. please post some pics after you get it !! (=