The YUCCA Clutch, the SIX FIGURE FENDI and Other Interesting Auctions!

  1. OK OK – My Favorite Fakes of the Week, here they are PFers:

    The Yucca Bag!

    “Fendi Patent Leather Handbag Crossword Clutch Spy Yucca”

    I like an honest seller: The Yucca Bag! And this one is really Yuck-errr!

    Note this Fake Crossword Clutch is not described as an Authentic Fendi Clutch, just has Authentic Fendi Cards…how refreshing to see honesty in advertising! :tup:


    The Six Figure Fendi!

    If you only have one feedback report on eBay and a photograph of a seriously fake pleated Fendi Spy Bag, just how much will Ebayers Pay? Obviously this guy thinks ladies will just drop $138,138.00…no Problem! :wtf:


    Queen for a Day?

    (now I am really showing my age, LOL!)…Check out the hot pink fake FENDI with a jeweled crown, fit for a Princess or even the Queen!

    Comes from the FENDI QUEEN COLLECTION…obviously Litigatrix must have missed that entire collection on the Spy Bag List…:girlsigh:



    “ Fendi Spy Bag Black Zucca - Paris has one just like it!”” :roflmfao:

    Clearly poor Paris does not have enough cash to buy a real SPY BAG (at least according to this listing)…Poor girl! May be we should all chip in and get her a real one….

    If this bag is the latest 2007 Spy Bag…Fendi has certainly made some changes!


    eBay...Its only entertainment!! Who needs to watch sitcoms on the Tube, when the folks at eBay can bring us so much laughter!….

  2. i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit :weird:
  3. Hahaha, i saw that 6-figure fake. It's listed several times in a row, too! Oh and that pink thing...! :throwup:
  4. Lol I saw that pink thing last night! It was the most hilarious thing. And the Yukka!!
  5. I am so ashamed to have missed an entire collection of CLEARLY AUTHENTIC SPY BAGS SO DON'T ASK ME ABOUT AUTHENTICITY!

    I wonder what that other guy's insertion fees are like? Soooo tempting.....
  6. ^Omg... lol. What if some prankster bids on it and makes matters worse by insisting that he has paid weeks later. Imagine the final value fee.... :roflmfao:
  7. You guys are hilarious! Pure comedy.:roflmfao:

    These fake listings on eBay NEVER cease to amaze me! Are these people serious??? Please tell me they're joking.

    The pink one....pricelss! SMH
  8. This thread is fantastic!!:lol: I guess Ebay is good for some things!!
  9. Seriously who needs TV...this is hilarious...and sad too.

    OMG that pink one...hideous!!
  10. Don't Ya Just Hate it when Someone unearths Their Own Ancient Thread?!?!

    But I couldn't resist...this Ebay listing is just tooooo FUNNY!:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Like its not bad enough that seller has INcluded a photo of the interior of a completely different spy bag (a black one--looks like stolen pic)! But read the Q&A!!

    Q: Hi- Does this have a hologram patch which states authenticity plus the serial leather patch? Also what does the sleeper bag look like? thanks- KristieMay-25-09

    A: The hologram patch is a sticker on the tag...unfortunately my niece pulled it off. You can still see where is was. The sleeper bag is black with the fendi lable on it. Yes, there is a serial leather patch. I will change the pictures on the listing so you can see more of the bag and the labels. thanks, Sissy

    MY NEICE LOST THE HOLOGRAM!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Yeah, and my dog ate my Homework too!:yahoo:
  11. ^^ I'm so glad you revived this - I didn't see it the first time around!!

    All I can say about these crazy scammers is: :rolleyes: :nogood: :yucky: :nono: :noggin:
  12. I couldn't resist uneathing my old thread this week when I saw this listing:

    Seller: Mighty Kismet

    What is a Fake Fendi Spy worth in these Recessionary Times?
    Apparently seller thinks it is worth $14,750 !! Not very negotiable on a piece of Chinese Garbage, is he?

    This Garish Halloween Pumpkin Orange Bag is describes as a Limited Edition Runway Bag with a long waiting list....!!
    Maybe Seller confused RUN AWAY with runway....and yeah even in China you gotta wait for a decidedly ugly ORANGE Spy bag....:roflmfao:

  13. lololololol