The YSL Muse and Yse Line

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  1. new for fall 2005... the muse and yse (also known as the fauve)...

    muse "oversized" in brown buffalo leather, $1295

    yse satchel in gold metallic leather, $1595

  2. [​IMG]
    kate moss with her oversize muse, in ivory

    demi moore with her oversize muse, in brown
  3. [​IMG]
    julienne moore and her oversize ostrich muse ($5000), which will be released for spring 2006.

    spring 2006 yse/fauve oversize satchel... in white jaguar print (canvas?) ... i'm heavily considering this one.
  4. i much prefer the yse/fauve style to the muse, even though they're basically the same. i find the design of the yse/favue to be much more sleek. i'd really, really love to have one in ostrich (it is my favourite leather!!), especially in black or brown, but my budget wouldn't allow for it.

    the jaguar print is SO me..... and it should cost about $1295, which is a bit more reasonable :noworry: ... but i'm going to wait until i can see it in person before i make the final decision, of course.
  5. I like the gold bag - but the other ones are misses for me.
  6. Sorry but I think all them are ugly. They look kinda look like bowling ball bags.
  7. I lik Julienne Moore's a lot, and teh print one too.
  8. i gotta say, it looks a lot better carried than in the photos. i like the white.
  9. I don't like them, too. The shape reminds me of the Alma's shape by Vuitton.
  10. I like the muse :biggrin: Was thinking of getting one, but they sold out of the extra large white and I lost motivation to get it :sad:
  11. I like them but you need to be quite tall to carry them off. Being only 5'1" it would probably look like the bag is carrying me ... lol Thanks for the pics though. It's fun to look at new stuff.
  12. dont like reminds me of a bad imitation of the novak bag.
  13. Noriko, you are funny about the "loosing motivation", but it definitely happens....I can relate! It moves with the parallel momentum I get when I start obssessing over something I want to get!
  14. i actually like these bags.
  15. I like the bag. But do you guys think it will become an "It" bag? I was at Saks, and they had a lot of different styles of the Muse lying out. I guess it hasn't caught on yet...