The online boutique is up and running!

  1. For the US customers, you can know place orders online with I thought it was worth starting a new thread with the news since this is a big development for YSL lovers.

    Happy shopping, everyone!
  2. Cool. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. It would have been nice if I had spelled "now" correctly, though. :blush:
  4. Thanks for letting us know!! I tried their site this past weekend and was diappointed that it wasn't up then.
  5. The 360 view is very nice. And they have the large Tribute!
  6. Woohoo, now we're talkin. :woohoo:WAY better than the old YSL site (though hardly perfect, lol!)

    And, OMG, did you all see the red/berry Tribute totes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    new Tribute.JPG
  7. Its gorgeous!!
  8. Oh Yeah!
  9. I love that berry Tribute and if they had a Large size available, I'd be very tempted. :love:
  10. :nuts: The berry tribute is Gorgeous!
  11. Awesome thanks.
  12. no Rive Gauche? do you think that's just online that they don't have it?
    the berry tote is fabulous!
  13. They don't have everything online. And you can only buy some of the stuff online. The banner on top say "TEST" so I guess it is a WIP.
  14. I can't seem to get past the intro page. What am I doing wrong???
  15. either my computer is doing something really weird or is...becuase everytime i click on 'men boutique' or 'women boutiqe' on the initial ysl page, it takes me to whatever i asked to be taken to, then quickly redirects to 'adreplacemnt' or something like that...a random ad website...:crybaby: