The Youtube of the day!!

  1. That clip made my day, thanks Maye! So cute it makes me happy to see that animals can make friends even w/ other breeds. Us humans have a lot to learn from them! :smile:
  2. haha cute!
  3. How adorable! Thank you for sharing this! :smile:
  4. Only if everyone can just get along like that! Toooo Ccccute
  5. I wish I could understand what they were saying in the video- that was absolutely adorable!! The cat was definitely very patient LOL... I know mine would NOT have been happy if some other animal started to eat her food. Thanks for sharing it!
  6. That was sooo cute!
  7. Aww so cute:love: The vid said that the cat's name is "Belle" and lives with "Lala" the hamster lol! They have become inseparable and Lala's favourite spot is Belle's back.
  8. Awe. I was kind of worried at the end with the food.
  9. Thanks for the translation :yes:
  10. very cute
  11. SO CUTE! This is from the show in Japan where they feature dogs and cats once a week! How special!!! All these cute cats on Youtube these days!
  12. Tee hee! That's too cute! I loved the little Japanese voice that went along with it...