The year in review

  1. I have TPF to thank for my somewhat exaggerated spending habits to the end of 2007. But it's nearly over none too soon!

    Here's my 2007 JC handbag inventory roundup:

    A Keeya, Cent, Alex, Morgan, two Maves (OK, one is on the back of some postal truck somewhere, I hope) and a Maddy.


    When I write it down like this, it doesn't sound so bad! :p
  2. What a Fabulous Jimmy Choo inventory and it is so Great to have you here with us all :love:

    I have been a TPf member for a little over a year and I am not about to write down my inventory :shocked:

    Especially given the fact that before I became a member, I had never owned a Jimmy Choo bag or pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. The most expensive pair of shoes I had ever purchased were some Donna Karan boots at NM "Last Call" for around $100.00 :push:

    May your 2008 be a Happy, Fun, Safe & "Choo-O-Licious" :choochoo: :choochoo:
  3. If Moi, reptile lover par excellence, hadn't landed on this forum in the midst of the Sneaky Snake feeding frenzy, I would not be the happy owner of a Mahala and a Marin, my only Choo bags:love:. As for shoes, this year brought along two pairs of boots, and 4 pairs of shoes. Not bad. I mostly buy them for special occasions, and on sale. The day Choo starts making loafers, my bank account will be in deep trouble:sweatdrop:.
  4. Happy New Year 2008! Being a member has been fun. What started as a distraction from the aftermath of knee surgery turned into a learning experience with the added benefit of "meeting" some folks who I'm certain are now friends for life.
  5. I have been a Choo girl for at least 4 years! Starting with shoes and then handbags. I must admit I have been a boot/handbag crazed woman for quite some time. I bought my first Gucci bag in 1988 and still have it along with the receipt! I keep thinking I will sell my older Choo bags, but can't seem to do it! Some of the older styles were more boho and that is soooo me.
    So, to 2008...may it bring us all peace and maybe a new Choo or two...:drinkup::choochoo::choochoo:
  6. Same here Robyn - never owned Jimmy Choo, nor did I shop at Neiman Marcus! 120 days after I joined tPF (3/07 - 6/07), I bought my black Biker Ring hobo as well as other high-end designer bags (two Chloe Paddingtons, Chloe Patsy tote, Fendi Spy, Dior Gaucho and a Dior Trotter Romantique Boston). Altho I've maintained a bag ban for six months since my last purchase (6/30), I could not resist ordering the black Biker leather Yeva boots. :drool:

    For me, 2008 will be spent enjoying my current collection, paying off my cc's and maybe buying a new wallet during the summer sales. But now that I've been bit by the JC bug :p once my cc's are paid off I will definitely be on the hunt for another Biker leather bag... maybe the burgundy Ring!

    Have a wonderful 2008 y'all! And enjoy all of your beauties!!!

  7. it has been lovely to spend the end of 2007 in the choo forum and purchasing my first choo bags.....:girlsigh:
    i wish for everyone a happy and healthy new year!!!:heart:
    for me, there are certainly more choo's in my future.....:graucho:
  8. I must say - this forum has given me the courage. Yes Courage:boxing: to give in and dive in!
    To explain further: here's my timeline: I have been eyeing :ninja: the Mahala since October. Joined tPf by Dec. 9 or 10. Chatted with you ladies. Gave in -ordered my bag some 2 days later. Then Ms. Mahala arrives 2 days later.
    Then there's my first Choo.:yahoo:

    See how the forum influenced me. Crazy - but good crazy ey? :angel:With that said - :ty: All - for being so fabulous - it's intoxicating! :tender:
    Cheers my lovelies! :drinks: . Happy new Choo Year!