The Y chromosome and Hermes

  1. Well, this has never happened to me before. I was at a conference today doing a presentation with my newly acquired Birkin by my side. A male friend came up afterwards and said 'great session' which was sweet then he spotted my Birkin and said 'wow, what a fantastic bag, what is it? It is gorgeous'. As he is a friend, I joked with him that he might not think so if he knew the cost, and he replied 'no, whatever it was, it is so worth it'.

    This friend is a boy's boy who I don't think would notice anything about fashion, clothes or appearance. He has never commented on a single item of mine and yet he could not stop touching and looking at the Birkin.

    Now I understand that of course, but I have never seen a reaction like that in someone with a Y chromosome. Have you?
  2. ^^^Only ones with a questionable Y chromosome.:p
  3. ^^^ :roflmfao:
  4. DH's best friend ALWAYS comments on my bags!:nuts: (He hasn't seen any of my H yet so I am dying to see what he has to say or if he'd say anything at all.) His wife is really into fashion and latest things so he knows his stuff. He even noticed my Prada loafers the other day and I was like this ---> :shocked: !:lol: It's very nice to hear though (considering DH is oblivious to everything I buy!).
  5. Some time in February (during Chinese New Year) when we were in the car, and we'd stopped at the traffic lights. DH glanced over, and reached out to stroke my choc box birkin.

    DH: it feels nice :nuts:
    Me: but of course, this is Hermes afterall. If I take care of this bag well enough, our grand daughter might just receive it as inheritance from me (j/k, I'm in my 30's and my kids are 4 and under :roflmfao: ).
    DH: Really? (in disbelief)
    Me: Yup!
    DH (thinking he has come up with the best come back): You can't say the same for their paper orange bags.
    Me: Just shop some more at Hermes to get new paper orange bags.
    DH: :push:
  6. :roflmfao: So true, so true. I better behave.
  7. You all make me :smile: :smile: !
  8. I'm thinking that may not be something I mention to this rugby playing, sportscar driving, beer loving friend - he may never recover . . .
  9. No, don't mention it to him. He sounds like he could squash us all like bugs.

  10. Yep, I agree with HG! Although my DH, who HATES bags and fashion in general, the other day saw me going out with a Balenciaga bag instead of my usual H bags, and said " what's that horrible bag you're carrying ??" That made me laugh and I said " you DO notice the difference with H!"
  11. I think its because of leather. To me, men seem to notice leather because its what they get in accessories and shoes...and also...


    all made from....

  12. Good point, Saligator!:yes:
  13. Chairs, recliners..............yep, have to agree on this one.
  14. By jove I think she's got it!:smartass:
  15. Too funny. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: