The X Life on VH-1

  1. Anyone watching? I actually enjoyed it. They showed the TJ Lanvin accident.
  2. Yup. It looks like it is going to be entertaining.

    I thought it was interesting how Susie handles things vs. Nicole.
  3. So the girl Nicole use to be on Top Model, b ut I don't remember her.
  4. This show is good.

    I watched Top Model but there have been so many seasons they all look the same to me. You have to really stand out to take the spotlight away from Tyra. lol.
  5. It's totally awesome! One of my new fav shows.
  6. ^^She's from season 1. I just got sucked into the show. The guys are hot (well 2 of them)
  7. ^^ yeah Corey is effin delicious lol
  8. I only watched because I recognized Nicole and thought it was going to be a modeling show. lol.

    I kind of liked it, but the partying girl annoyed me a lot.
  9. Best part of the show was Cory's son.

    Cory-"Do you know where were going to eat"

    Son-"The bar with all the girls"

  10. Ooopsies, didn't see this thread and just opened up a new one about this show too!

    Anyways, I LOVE this show, my new fave. I just love watching the relationships of all 3 couples and their extreme lifestyles and careers. And Cory is def. a hottie. And Nicole is beautiful, i remember her from season 1 of ANTM, wasn't she the really uber religious girl that wouldn't get naked for one of the shoots?
  11. Eh Corey looks like he is on his way to being washed up with a drug/drinking problem. He seems extremely tiresome.

    And Nicole. Make your own way darling. When PLG dropped the c bomb on her. She had to stand there and take it.

    It is an interesting show. I find Action Sports atheletes to be very interesting and funny.
  12. I got confused. I meant Denise. PLG's girlfriend.
  13. I like this show too!I hope it gets renewed for a second season!
  14. ^^Yea! I hope so too! Love watching their relationships!
  15. Pierre seems cool, his girlfriend needs to lay off the bottle...