The X-Files

  1. Was The X-Files Ever On DVD?

    I Never Watched It When The Years It Was On (My Sister Was So Addicted!)....

    But, The Past Few Years I Can't Get Enough!!!!!
  2. They have all the X-Files on DVD now.:yahoo:
  3. Thank You Kou!!!!! :smile: You Are Just Wonderful!!!!!!!

    Do You Know If It Is A Box Set Or Seperate Seasons??? Either Way, I Will Look It Up!!!.......I Need The Whole Series!!!!!!!!!
  4. You're welcome~ I'm sure they have box sets. I mean, "X-Files" has such a great following that I'm very sure they would come out with box sets for the collectors. I have to say, it's one of my favorite (if not the absolute favorite) series of all time~:nuts:

    I wish they would have another movie though. The series finale did a good job of tying up most of the loose ends, but there're still lots of unanswered questions.
  5. ^ I read that another movie is in the works. I think they are working on a script for it.
  6. I can't wait :nuts: !!!!!!!!!!

    I have X-Files seasons 1-7 on DVD. It's my favorite show of all time. They used to retail around $100 at Best Buy or Circuit City a few years ago, but I think now they're around $70? You can also get them used on for less :smile:
  7. Suli ~ Thank You!!! I Can't Wait For The Movie!!!

    Kou ~ I Have To Agree ~ It Is One Of The Best (& Favorite) Shows Of All Time

    Cristina ~ Thank You So Much ~ I Can't Wait To Get It!!!!
  8. I used to tape every episode of the show, starting from season 1 :shame: . I loved the show so much that I've amassed some collectibles - after season one ended, geekily, I wrote to Chris Carter and got a really nice package back with a nice letter and signed pictures of both stars! I think they were really appreciative of the fan support early on before the show really caught on. I also had a scrapbook of clippings, comic books, trading cards from the show (SO geeky, right?). I was never really boy-crazy in high school, so X-Files was my obsession.
  9. I also collect X-File things, and David Duchovny items. I have all the DVDs, and many magazines also. Here are a few things in my collection.
    IMG_1019.JPG IMG_1020.JPG IMG_1021.JPG IMG_1022.JPG IMG_1026.JPG
  10. ^Suli ~ I Think That Is So Cool (I Think My Sister Taped Many If Not All ~ I Will Have To Ask)......I Love That You Wrote Chris Carter! :smile: That Was So Nice Of Them Send You The Package!!!!!!!
  11. KTScrlet ~ What Fabulous Pictures.....You Have Such A Collection (I'm Jealous!)!!! :smile:

    I Love David Duchovny!!! He Is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!! Wasn't He Hysterical In Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead? What An Hysterical Role For Him!!!
  12. Awesome collection you've got going on there!

    My stuff is at home with my folks, so no pictures available. I had X-Files posters in my dorm room in college (freshman year), but everyone was so creeped out by it so I took them down the next year.
  13. so... how did it end? lol

  14. I loooved that show! When I was in college, my BF at the time gave me an X-Files clock and book. :wlae:

    I still have a crush on David Duchovny, who, btw, majored in English like me! He was an Associate Professor of English at Yale, and was working on his Phd in Literature before he went into acting. Can you imagine...David professor? :drool: All of my English professors were old and fusty (except for the one that I caught kissing my classmate at the local mall, but that is another story!)
  15. It ended with Mulder and Scully in bed together...:smile::smile: