The WYNN - Las Vegas

  1. Not sure if I am posting this under the correct thread, but I just got this great deal from the Wynn and thought some of you might be interested. :yes:

    Exclusive Mid-Winter Rates from Wynn Las Vegas
    Resort Rooms starting at $179 per night with a complimentary Panoramic View Upgrade*
    Special weekend rates at $259 per night on February 9 & 10, 2007 only.
    Promo Code: Promo Code: JFWTR7
    *Available on select Sundays - Thursdays now through February 25, 2007.

    It really is a great hotel!!! :yes:
  2. thank you angel81chick! i love vegas and this is a great deal for wynn.
  3. Thanks..I'm making a reservation..
  4. Perfect to post here!
  5. I can co-sign on this...Im from Veas, and if I were visiting...Wynn would be the hotel to stay at!!
  6. I am soooo jealous!!! Have fun when you go!!! Remember to ask for a high floor, at the very least 40th and make sure to get a room with a view of the strip (odd number rooms)...the view will take your breath away :smile:

    Have fun!! :yes:
  7. I did this for one night last month and the rooms are by FAR the best in vegas!! such a good deal too! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for the tip. I am going this Sunday..Will call to request for a high floor. :yahoo:

  9. GOSH i wish i was going to vegas soon =(