THE worst week ever - now chargeback filed :(

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  1. I hate ebay truly as just today a buyer did a chargeback against me!!! she received the item back on 11/3 (have confirmation which I submitted to paypal) but filed unauthorized charge. I emailed her and she told me she didn't file the chargeback, that she loved the item, wasn't sure what happened- I called paypal who said she DID file it as she has to initiate it with her CC company. I am sick of getting screwed!!! This is **four** problems within a matter of days...U G H.

    THEN I went to pay for an item thru paypal and as my account went negative due to the above chargeback (I had pulled all my $ out thankfully) - and paypal said they will take out the money I wanted to send PLUS the funds not in there to cover the chargeback. I spoke w/paypal today and they said I could still MAKE payments without having to worry about the chargeback but that isn't the case when I went to do it!!! Now I guess unless I want to default on paying for auctions I'll HAVE to allow the funds to be taken out of my account to bring my balance positive?!?!? Otherwise I can't use paypal till this chargeback is resolved which could take 90 days according to paypal, the CC companies can take that long to review it :sad:

    I think I am going to freak LOL.
  2. oh no i'm so sorry to hear that! i'm having a HORRIBLE week with ebay, too...
  3. I may never use ebay again after all this! I just can't take it anymore.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your problem with paypal, hope this will work out in your favor.
  5. You can open another Paypal account to send money until this is settled, just use a different email address and a different credit card then what they have on file now.
  6. I hear ya! I've had a bad week also....I got my first unjustified neg. feedback and a bag that I sold and shipped was delivered but the buyer never rec'd it so now I have to wait until the PO posts the signature for whomever signed for the bag and in the meanwhile, my LV is floating around somewhere and it'! Just sick, sick, sick of it!!!!:tdown:
  7. so sorry this happen to you. Ebay certainly is slipping these days
  8. I am sorry this is happening, what a big nightmare. I won't ever use ebay again to sell a high ticket item, after reading some of these posts lately.
  9. You say you gave PP the proof of delivery. I'm not sure why you'll make payments to make your account positive when PP knows the buyer received the item? Wouldn't you wait until PP decides on the case?
  10. The problem is she wants to use her Paypal account to buy something, which she can't do until Paypal sorts out her balance or she pays in the negative funds.
  11. I periodically take "breaks" from eBay when these things happen. I swear, eBay has all the theives and rotten people on it. Who now have my home address and phone number from me shipping them stuff. Of course I have had very pleasant transactions too, which is why I end up going back there in the end. And it seems like I can't stop myself from buying things off of it.
  12. Unfortunately if she did a chargeback via her CC to Paypal although you have provided them with proof Paypal now have to pass on this information on to her CC. If that had been me and l was happy with the goods l would contact my CC and advise them that the transaction had reached a satifactory conclusion and that l wish to close the chargeback. Unfortunately not everybody is honest and if they think they can rip somebody off they will try to do so. :tdown::tdown:
  13. I had a problem like this with an American Girl lot I sold. I shipped the items then got a message from PayPal saying there was a chargeback for unauthorized use. Obviously I freaked because I'd already mailed the doll. I contacted the buyer, who said she didn't know anything about it, but she'd look into it. She called PayPal, and turns out she had moved but hadn't changed her address with her CC company so they marked it down as an unauthorized charge and denied it. They had told me she initiated it, but it was really her bank. Luckily she got things sorted out and I got my money. Maybe something like that happened to your buyer? Just a thought. I think also that you are covered against chargebacks under the PayPal seller protection policy as long as you 1) used a premier or business PayPal account, 2) shipped the item in a timely manner to a confirmed address, and 3) have reasonable proof of delivery that you can track online. Hope everything works out for you! Keep us updated.
  14. I had a Paypal chargebacks before and are truly sympathetic because it's gonna be a long and worrisome process even if you have ample evidence for Paypal that buyer received goods, and eventually emerge winner.

    For me, the problem took Paypal 6 mths to resolve case. I was working with 12 other sellers who sold items to this fraudulent buyer. I really had to bug the Paypal guy, I found the manager's name in one of the power seller bulletins and kept sending email with attachments everyday. We told them if we didn't see justice we will collectively sue Paypal because we have all the evidence they need. He finally woke up and settled the case pronto.

    In my opinion, as long as you shipped to the address given by Paypal and not to some location stated by her, and have proof that someone signed for her goods, you will do just fine. Need not be her signing for goods by the way. Better yet if you have the tracking number. If you don't, it doesn't matter.
  15. I am not happy at the moment with the whole ebay thing but if I ever get chargebacks from paypal I will be finished with the lot of thm! I am almost there already!