The worst thing just happened. Omg, I'm so upset!

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  1. I've been searching high and low for the Chanel round sunnies (as seen on starbrite on her thread 'Nicole Richie Ashley Olsen sunnies') and thought I managed to find a pair from my SA at NM.

    And I just received the bad news : it's completely sold out! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:Even at Bergdorf!

    I can't explain how disappointed and upset I feel because I was on the high and now I just came crumbling down. I was so so so looking forward to it and I could picture myself wearing it wherever I went with whatever clothes I'll match with. :hrmm:

    Does anyone know anywhere or anyone that is selling it? I really hope to get a pair! I'm so so so upset right now I need to breathe.
  2. Keep calling around. You are bound to find a pair somewhere...good luck!
  3. I've never seen them IRL, but keep looking for them. If I should see them, I'll let you know where :yes:. It's terrible to get all excited for something, then you can't find it. I know the feeling. But keep calling around, someone is bound to have them! Good luck!
  4. try Nordstroms and bloomingdales
    also try the chanel boutique- they could surely locate a pair in the system for you-
    also try some sunglass huts- certain areas carry the high end glasses
  5. my SA tried Saks, apparently they have one or two left. so i'm not sure i'm even lucky cause sometimes the goods have been wiped out but the system still records them as available which was what happened to me at NM!

    got totally upset. i told my SA to try Nordstroms next. i really hope to get it, it'll go so perfectly with my new cabas and ... *sighhh*
  6. I know which glasses you are talking about, so I can comprehend how you feel...There HOT!...I hope you find them.
    good luck and cheer up..