The Worst Sandra B. Movie Ever!! (Premonition)

  1. Please do not waste your money on this turkey....if you don't believe me just read the reviews at Everyone at the theater felt ripped off it was so slow and bad.
  2. Oh no! And it looks so good in the trailer. Sorry you were so disappointed.
  3. Everything you see on the trailer is the whole movie!
  4. People Magazine didn't like it, either.

    As her husband's casket is unloaded from a hearse, Linda Hanson (Bullock) demands to see the corpse. She doesn't believe that her spouse (McMahon) is really dead. She has good reason to doubt. One day she's being told that he was killed in a car crash, but the next morning, he's in bed beside her, still very much alive. Repeat sequence. Kind of makes it hard to figure out how many places to set at breakfast.

    Premonition is a trick movie - like 2000's Momento, only not nearly as good. It messes with time and its heroine's mind, jumping to and fro across a week to keep both her and viewers guessing what the heck is going on. Not for nothing do Linda's two little daughters keep attempting to fit together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Half the fun of this kind of movie is trying to get a step ahead and figure out the big picture. But Premonition doles out only a single piece of the puzzle at a time, controlling all the info. Halfway through, when it's clear there's less going on than the film thinks there is - and what is going on is relentlessly sappy - you'll stop even trying to solve the puzzle. That said, Bullock gets her character's jumpy anxiety just right.
  5. Oh really? The critics here were just RAVING about it. It doesn't really appeal to me anyhow.
  6. That would be a wait for dvd movie for me anyway. Was Julian hot? I love him.
  7. Seems like Groundhog day with a twist.
  8. Has anyone seen this movie? I was debating between seeing "Premonition" and "Dead Silence" and ended up watching the latter. IMDB review said that the movie was good until the very end ...

    Can someone who had seen the movie give me some input please?
  9. I watched this last nite at midnite!!

    It was...predictable. :supacool:
  10. Not enough Julian!! And you're right Christine but Goundhog Day was so much better.
  11. I think it looks pretty bad... thanks for the heads up!
  12. I saw it last nite. ;/
  13. I'm skipping this one!
  14. It wasn't THAT bad! It held my interest, which is not so easy these days. If you watch it expecting nothing, it is somewhat entertaining. There is no message whatsoever. It really wasnt too predictable, but it didnt exactly make sense...
  15. Thanks for the heads up, not that I can drag my DH to watch it.