The worst packing job ever... and a dilemma (what to choose?)

  1. I got a package today, but it was the worst packaging job I have ever encountered on eBay!!! The bag is fine however...


    Here is the dilemma.. I bought the choco/bronze baby bag and I am still on the fence about it.. I like the idea of being able to have a long shoulder strap with a baby bag... so I bought this one on eBay because it has a long strap.. but it has a huge flap.. This may be hard to get in and out of.. Anyone out there have this bag??? I like that I can wear it cross-body..

    Choco bag... I love the colors!!


    Multi-Stripe Flap baby bag...


    The Heritage line has a new baby bag and the khaki one with the brown stripe had a detachable long shoulder strap that was nice and it had the tote straps as well.. I'm not sure if I can wear the heritage one cross-body.. but probably can :shrugs:

    should I unload both of these for that one?? or keep one of these.. maybe the bronze one and get the Heritage one at PCE?? Do I need 2 baby bags??? Forget the Heritage one and keep both of these since the flap one was a good deal???

    Here is the baby bag in pink (the one in brown is the one I would want... the pink and blue ones don't have the removable strap :confused1:)


    Help :confused1: :sos:
  2. When I had my son I did not have a coach baby bag, but I used a large leather messnger with the flap. There was no problem for me. I figure with the traditional style I would have to unzip it, and the coss body made it easy to move it behind me so i wa sfree in the front. Also great when there is nowhere in a dirty bathroom to set down your baby bag.
  3. Sorry about the packing - yikes. Glad your goods are okay!
    Maybe I bought my new sunnies from the same person - mine came in a priority mail box with a (as in one) piece of tissue wrapped around them. Miracle they weren't broken!
  4. Awww cute bag, I want to buy a bay bag but I need a baby first :rolleyes:
  5. Trust me.. the bag is cheaper!
  6. I would keep the signature stripe bronze tote. You could use that later on as a laptop tote or for work. It is so pretty. I think that would make a stylish diaper bag.

    I use a the Coach Scribble Well Child Diaper Bag for school and I love it because of all the pockets and room for my laptop.
  7. I would just have one true baby bag. Then maybe get a smaller tote to be used for quick trips once your tot gets a little older. Personally, the flap would drive me crazy.

    I would trade them in and get the heritage tote - it is so versatile with the regular straps plus the option of the long strap, which I'm sure you could wear cross body. Not to mention the carefree nature of the material...spit up would wipe right off without effort!!
  8. I love the middle one...I've always loved the signature multi stripe items and I think that would be a great travel bag after your done using it as a baby bag...
  9. First off ... the Signature Multi Stripe bag is my super, duper dream bag. :love: I have the matching envelope wallet and I wish I would have picked up other pieces from the same line when I had the chance.

    Personally, I would keep the the messenger. I love messengers because I can carry a bag and still keep my hands free to do other things. Especially if you have kids, that's a big deal. Though the other two are gorgeous bags as well.
  10. This is exactly what i was thinking. Get the Heritage tote - seems like it would be really versatile with the two strap options, plus easier to get in and out of. Also easier to clean, and you can use it as a regular tote when baby is older. :yes:
  11. Man I don't know.. I love those first two bags!!!! :drool:
  12. You guys are as indecisive as me!! :roflmfao: I love them all!! Maybe I should keep both AND get the heritage:graucho:

    I think DH would kill me for sure!!!
  13. I like the multi-stripe messenger the best out of the 3
  14. I love the heritage bag plus I tried it on and it's very wearable non baby bag looking.
  15. Well first of all I am so happy your bag is okay that is a really bad packaging job. I love the multi stripe messenger bag! But I also love the other two! I'm no help at all!