the worst kind of ban

  1. i am a little ashamed to admit that i have become obsessed with finding a green epi speedy recently and i have even had label addict keeping an eye out for me.
    the green speedy is my holy grail of LV bags but right now i really need to save for a deposite for a flat so without me knowing my SO has put a child protection thing on my computer so that i CAN NOT look at eBay or let-trade!
    i was like:cursing: because i thought it was a problem with the computer at first but when i told him he could not stop laughing.

    has anyone else been forced to take drastic measures to curb their LV spending?
  2. Aw thats a shame!! I haven't had that kind of curbing... lol. If you do find one then perhaps see if layaway is available... I hate having important things come in the way lol.
  3. oh no! that's harsh, lol! Yea, I agree with JuiceBox...I often try to find a seller who is willing to do layaway...that way you still get what you're looking for without feeling so guilty for blowing so much money! I hope you get it!
  4. :graucho: there are ways around this
  5. spill. i am technically retarded and he just cant stop laughing.
  6. lol. you're SO is so funny. why don't you just go to internet options and unblock the sites? lol. actually for the sake of your deposit perhaps you should keep it blocked until after you have money saved up.
  7. easy peasy have someone bid on your behalf
  8. hahha - at least he has not blocked tPF!!!!
  9. I'm sorry but that is hilarious. I would kill my dh!!
  10. Okay now that is mean, lol. Sounds like something my BF would do (esp if he found out that I got a new purse!). Can you make a bargain with your man - sell a bag or two and get the green speedy? Layaway is grand - and I'd be more than happy to bid for you on eBay ;)
  11. hey, I just saw a green epi on eBay yesteraday...its sablons and not the speedy.
  12. That's something my DH would do!!! Too cute!
  13. I don't think that was very nice ;) I would be at a friends house on ebay! LOL!
  14. sorry that happened! if we see anything up there, are we allowed to tell you?
  15. Oh man that sucks... LOL.... I would kill my DH if he did that to me.