the worst fake i ever saw...

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  1. ok. I thought this might be fun.
    :] Now a days I see a lot of xxxx women (not to be rasict, just something I have notcied) carrying around the fake coaches that look like g's :throwup:
  2. goaches grrr
  3. oooh. but all the links dont work cause they were sold or whatever... sooo...
  4. Yes, but if you post there others will follow with current links. It just takes one post to resurrect a thread!
  5. edit
  6. :confused1:
    What do you mean? It's been a long day so please pardon my slowness tonight. :p
  7. I wasn't talking to you, Mokoni, but to Coach Addict.. that's why I edited after I saw you posted again. Didn't want it to look bad but I guess you caught it anyway! :p My apologies
  8. ^No problem! No wonder I didn't get it! :p
  9. Also, I just wanted to say that one's race has absolutely nothing to do with carrying fake vs. authentic bags. You might want to be careful with your words.
  10. Hi!
    We actually have a thread like this as was pointed out.
    We don't allow duplicates.
    If you want to share a fugly fake, feel free to add to the current dicussion that was linked for you.

    Also, please don't make comments like that, they're unnecessary and hurtful.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.