THE WORST experience with LOUISVUITTON.Com!!

  1. Ok. So let me start off by saying, I am one of the forum members that is against test driving items and then returning them. Anyway, I was one of the first customers to use the new web site, although I wasn't given a free gift like some. I purchased the pastilles white key chain. It came to me in plastic and I opened the plastic put it on a few of my LV bags to see how I liked it and decided it wasn't for me. I never worn it out or test drove it, just tried it on my bags snapped a few pics to see how it looked and called the 800# and got a return # and paid to send it back on Nov 6. It was signed for by an LV warehouse employee on Nov 8. I then waited 2 weeks for an email confirming receipt or refund to my cc, when nothing arrived I started calling the 800# to find out where my refund was. I called every other day for the past few weeks to find out what the problem was. No one at LV knew where my package was or what was going on, I spoke to 4 different sales reps and no help at all. Finally I filed a charge back last week and provided my cc all the tracking info and such. My cc company hasn't responded yet who won the chargeback. Anyway, today with no notice whatsoever, I recieve a box from LV. Inside is a pastilles key chain just like the one that I had only with finger prints and scratches everywhere. This thing is beat up and a letter stating that they aren't giving me the refund because its not in saleable condition. I am furious, it was NOT in this condition when returned. What should I do now? Keep a beat up key chain? I spend a lot of money a year with LV and can't believe this is happening.
  2. oh my gosh, that's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that...I don't know what advice to give, so let's see what the others say...good luck!
  3. yikes, i am soo sorry this happened! I would ask LV: 1-why respond after charge back request? 2-how can they proof that's the one you send in? 3-ask them to provide tracking number on the box of that beat up key chain to see if it match the one you send 4-If you've been shopping with LV for a while, I'd also mention the tenure you have 5-provide pix of the one you took to show it's condition vs the one you received.

    I'm sure other PFer will have better suggestions than mine, we're here to support you!
  4. Wow that's pretty f'd up.

    You think someone switched them so they wouldn't have to refund you?

    Or it got beat up in the mail?

    Thats crazy... You should send them pictures of the item that you took to show it wasn't that beat up when you had it.
  5. The pictures would be a great idea, I hadn't even thought of that. The customer service has been terrible. I mean none of their employees could tell me a thing about where my returned key chain was. They sent the item back in a new box. I just think its odd that it took over 1 month to send it back to me and then its all beat up. I think that it got beat up or mixed up at their warehouse or something?!
  6. That's just horrible! And atrocious customer service. Follow up with your pictures, have them provide the tracking number. You have proof that you sent back your item in a timely fashion. They need to provide the backup that the keychain they sent to you is the same one (which it isn't.)
  7. Yeah, something smells fishy to me. I think the pics are an excellent idea. And definitely follow up on the tracking number. That's way too much idle time.
  8. i say its angry letter time!
  9. I would be careful with the pictures because although they will show the item in perfect condition, it will also show you "using" the item. I am just playing devil's advocate. I am totally on your side and I think what they did was wrong, but I always like to be prepared for any response and they may question why the keychain is on your bag and being photographed in the first place if it wasn't used, KWIM? I think a better idea is to speak with a manager or supervisor at customer service. I would bring up the fact that the package was signed for on a specific date and then a certain amount of time lapsed between them taking any action. Then I would bring up the notion that there is no proof this is in fact your key chain. I would fight them on this one, they are clearly at fault not you. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. The one month lag is strange. I would definitely use that on them. They should no way push the scratched up one on you.
  11. Wow! That is shocking, I would definitely not give up on this one! Good luck!
  12. So I called customer service again after posting and explained that out of nowhere I recieved the key chain today. I also explained that after countless calls no manager or supervisor has yet to help me. I told them that I spend a lot of money on LV and they will lose a loyal customer over $300, which is chump change to corporate. The customer service rep claims someone will research the situation and call me back. I don't believe that will happen since even when the package was supposely missing, no one ever called back when they said they would. I plan on calling my credit card company to update them on the situation today and get their advice as to what to do next.
  13. Wow! Wish you good luck on this. This is just fishy!! The ideas from here are pretty sound. Hope they fix it for you!
  14. Sorry to hear about your ordeal.
    I'm sticking with Elux.
  15. wow.... does louis vuitton online permit you to return items to the boutique if you live close enough to one and are willing to make the drive? if not... thats even one more reason not to use the website!