The worst ever!!

  1. I think this bag is the worst fake I've seen.

  2. So obviously fake! Truly the worst...have you seen the other bags this person has for sale? Plastic on the handles on each and every one of them! Yuck!
  3. Reported it:yucky:
  4. ICK. I saw a fake Choo in the market the other day. ICK
  5. did you see all the other fakes this person is selling? only 3 feedbacks 1 positive, 1 negative and one neutral. this person will be gone within hours...
  6. Yes I saw all the other one too ... what is funny is that he thinks all of them are Ramonas....LOL

    Robyn : how do you report some1?
  7. well, it must have been bad because it's gone!
  8. its been removed. I'm amazed how many fakes are on eBay. It really hurts the few authentic ones. People think they are getting a great deal then end up getting a fake. Then no one bids on the authentic ones because the prices are a bit higher.
  9. I agree, if you read the feedback on some of these fake sellers, these people think they are buying an authentic bag!
    One even says they took it to Nordies and they said it was real, but from the pics it is sooo fake! How can you think you can get a new $1800+ handbag for less than $400?
  10. I agree - good that eBay removed him. But I wonder if ebay removed all of this persons items that he was selling. He had a few fake JC's and what it was the most funny is that he thinks they are all Ramonas... lol
  11. At the bottom of each listing there are link that you can select and one is "Report this item" and just click on the link and it will guide you through a couple of choices.
    Very simple and very important to try to keep the fakes out!