The worst customer service ever!! SAKS sucks

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  1. I always have very bad experience with Saks!! I haven't shopped at their store for almost half of year...since they canceled my orders last winter. This time I decided to give them a try...but still...:tdown:

    I made my order this morning, and a while after they contacted me regarding cancellation of my order, that they couldn't verify my credit card which is from canada bank. I contacted them back right after I received that cancellation mail (probably a MINUTE). Here always comes bad news...they told me botkier bag is sold out!!:cursing: I asked, I thought you just sent me a mail, and I contact you back right in a min, how come you sold that bag in a MINUTE? Rep stays silence...

    well...I totally understand it is sale period, and people all get nuts...but sometimes, I am just wondering...I thought customer service is very important...and that is how can they keep running a good business...or THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY MAKING???

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  2. I had two orders with Neiman's canceled last Christmas. It was frustrating because, by the time my orders were canceled, my second-choice bags were even out of stock. Neiman's gave me 10% off my next purchase and free shipping. Maybe Saks will do the same for you.
  3. I've had that happen to me before with a Canadian credit card.

    You need to call your company and authorize the charge. They automatically drop it (no idea why). This is how I have gotten my previous orders to go through.

  4. I see!! Thank you for your advice!! I will contact my bank see what can I do here!!
  5. The only time I've ever had an order cancelled was when I've ordered from Barney's. Im in the US so it isn't the CC issue. Saks, NM and Nordstrom have always been very pleasant to deal with for me.
  6. My issue wasn't with a credit card, either. Maybe you should still send an email.
  7. deals and steals is NOT the place to air your dirty laundry with retailers. PLEASE read the rules before you post in here.
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