the worst compliment ever.

  1. well, i finally got a compliment on my bosphore messenger pm.. i was in the bank today to deposit my paycheck. the teller demands that i show her my cute purse, i was giddy. she says she just loves it, then precedes to ask me if i bought it at belk. i think my face changed unconciously. i smiles and said i didn't, that it was Louis Vuitton. she looks confused and said she has never heard of it. i then politely thanked her for her genuine like for my bag and told her it was french. but seriously, i totally cringed inside. it was rough. LOL.

  2. Sorry if I'm a dummy but what is belk?
  3. Not everyone is familiar with designers. I wouldn't take offense to it.
  4. Yea, u lost me at belk. either way, srry!
  5. Belk is a run of the mill Dept. Store. a step or two below Macy's. pretty generic. i didn't fault her for not knowing, it just sucked being compared to something so average and run of the mill. i was a smidge pouty.

  6. ITA
  7. Belk is a REALLY bad department store! LOL! It sounds like MILK! YUCK!! Sorry...if anyone likes the store...don't mean to offend's just my least favorite! k~
  8. Belk is a department a JC Penny or Boscov...I think.
  9. Don't know what Belk is...... but I would actually still feel good about the compliment because people can compliment your bag and not know it's LV. Someone who was non LV savy knew a nice bag when she saw one!
  10. i'm pretty sure it's a department store down south, or at least south from me. my grandparents have them in north carolina, but we don't have them in new jersey. pretty sure they're like 2nd tier stores, right? kinda like macy's? or are they worse than macy's? never been in one. maybe more like JCPenny/Boscov.
  11. i would just move on IMO least she gave you a complement :smile:
  12. lol. she just genuinely liked the bag.

    what's worse is when they know of louis vuitton but they don't believe it's real. my co-worker once looked at my bag and said, "that's not real, right?". haha.
  13. I totally see why you were a smidge upset... but what's important is that she thought it was cute lol. It's true that not everyone has heard of designers. When I had my Chloe Paddington, no one in my town EVER recognized it or complimented me. And if anyone did ask where I got it, I would say it's Chloe, and they would say "who?". So, just love your bag because YOU love it, right?
  14. She likes your purse; just have to block out the rest of the convo!
  15. :sad: I'm sorry.. don't feel bad. Not everyone knows/appreciates designer goods. Ten years ago I couldn't tell a Gucci from a Louis Vuitton or a Coach or Guess or anything. But that's why you have the tPF to share you obsession with!:wlae: