The Worse $#@##^*?* Job You Ever Had ?

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  1. I was a Chambermaid In England at The Dorchester Hotel I @#$$*%$@ hated it !!!!!

    I stayed for about one year just to save up enough money,to get my own studio apartment and a better job.

    The hours were gruling 6.45am until 430pm Wednesday through to Sunday and the most hidious uniform imaginable blue dress which felt like it was made out of card board, a navy blue wasbie belt to hold our keys a huge name tag and black ballet shoes and stockings..

    How about you ?what was the worse job you ever had ? :evil:
  2. The first job I had after graduating college was awful. I was an administrative assistant at an advertising agency. My boss was horrible. She was a self-centered ***** who pressured her boyfriend into asking her to marry him. She would tell stories at work about how she would constantly ask him when he would propose. The ring was ugly :lol: A week after I started working there, she started criticizing everything I did and saying I wasn't learning fast enough. She also got pissed when I would leave at 5:30 p.m., when we closed. According to her, you weren't a hard worker unless you left around 7 p.m., like she did :suspiciou A month after I started, I got a terrible kidney infection that then turned into a bad staph infection and I was in and out of the office for two weeks, seeing doctor after doctor, and when I finally got back to normal, she had me fired because I "missed too much time" according to her :evil: I'm glad it happened, because I found the job I'm at now. I hope her fiance saw what a horrible, controlling person she was and dumped her :P
  3. i worked at a dentist's office for approximately 12 days the summer after my freshman year in high school. there wasn't anything to do except for once an hour, when i had to put on rubber gloves and sterilize the exam rooms and tools after a patient was done having his or her teeth cleaned. i occasionally developed xrays in the smallest, hottest room i've ever been in, too.

    i did make it through The Fountainhead, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Scarlet Letter (a whopping 2000 pages of reading) in those 12 days, though, so it wasn't an entire waste.
  4. Night manager for the loan department of a bank. All I did was read books and magazines while making sure employees typed loan documents. It was the most boring job I had.
  5. Worst job I ever had was while I was in college... washing dishes at the college dorm cafeteria. The nasty stuff people would leave on their plates were just awful. And some people were just so wasteful or would try to mix the grossest things together.

    Thank God those days are over!!! AMEN! It does give me extra appreciation and respect for the guy or gal who work their way through crappy jobs to move beyond that.
  6. The worst job I ever had was working for Godiva. We had the worst manager, he treated the employees like crap. And the shocking think I learned while working there was, their chocolates arn't made in Europe, they are made in Penn.
  7. When I was 16 I got my working papers and got a job at McDonald's. Hated it. A year later I worked at Pathmark. Hated that too. I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore ... lol
  8. I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken one summer. It was horrific. I ate that food nearly every day for one summer about 15 years ago, and haven't touched it since.
  9. I worked at the Humane Society a couple years ago. I loved playing with the animals, but their toys were beyond disgusting to wash. Sometimes we would hide treats in toys for them to find, and while I was washing them, maggots would come out. I seriously wannted to throw up after seeing that. Overall, I liked working there but I just wish the animal conditions were better.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. In my second job out of college, I was in a high powered research group at a Baby Bell with a fantastic title and good salary. I felt pretty great about it when I started, because I was the only one with a bachelor's degree in our group, and yet held the same title as the dozen or so PhDs. (Two others had masters degrees.)

    However, I quickly learned that my role in the group was to do everything that all of the PhDs didn't want to do. All of the machine maintenance, database maintenance, procuring equipment, writing thankless code for data collection and processing. Basically, everything that was unglamorous and wouldn't lead to my getting much besides an acknowledgment on publications.

    The saving grace is that I got great experience, and without that, I'd never have gotten the following job. But I came to dread each and every day, and hated my boss.

    PS: One bizarre thing is that I got to talk with Mike Tyson a few times when he was in prison! He liked to call up one of the girls who worked for me and I'd occasionally pick up the phone.
  12. :nuts: WOW !!!
  13. Worked at Sears in college. It sucked on so many levels, but mostly because the managers kept screwing around with the schedules, the customers were always grumpy, and the merchandise was crap.
  14. worst job.... floor person in a cafe... i totally loved the place and the people i worked with but it was my bosses husband who always made me cry! :cry: every day he made me cry at least once.... all the other people i worked with tried to make him stop picking on me but it didnt work... i left that job once i got into pharmacy :amuse:
  15. Working in a factory that coalated the wedding card/specialty cards...for Hallmark.