The worse buyer I have ever met

  1. HI guys, here is my story. I sold a Bottega Veneta bag to a buyer last month, everything was alright, and after a month, that buyer raised a claim against me via paypal, the reason is ' item not as described'.

    The buyer said the bag that I sold her was a fake, which is apparently not, the reason that she wanted a refund from me is she used the bag TWICE, and somehow the bag fell apart, so she wants a refund from me.

    How ridiculous is that, who knows why the bag fell apart, besides that, the bag has been used by her, I can't accept the return of a used bag!!!:cursing:
  2. Has she backed up her claim with any pictures of the bag?
  3. In what way did the purse fall apart? BGs are made really well so that is hard to believe. Do you have receipts from where you purchased it to prove it is authentic as there are many, many fakes around?
  4. Sounds to me like she is trying to pull a fast one.
  5. All that paypal will care about is that she rec'd the item. I had something similar happen to me. Three weeks after I sold an item, the person turns around and filed with paypal saying item not as described and tried to dispute it. Paypal sided with me because they only care that the person rec'd the item. Good luck.
  6. I agree with Spendingmore...I bought a Dior bag that was suppose to be authentic, it was a fake...a really bad fake...Paypal sided with the other party since I recv'd the item. I lost my money and am stuck with this dior saddlebag with a tag that looks like mr. magoo on it...Its awful.
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but with this situation, call your credit card company and start a chargeback. You will get your money back if it's fake.
  8. Thanks, lorihmatthews! I'll try that.

  9. ITA. :yes:

    I would be very surprised to hear that an authentic BV had fallen apart so easily...

    ETA: Just noticed that you don't claim that it's authentic in your post, crystal. If you know it's a fake/think it could be a fake, did you say it was authentic, anywhere in your auction?
  10. Oh no! Thats awful! Did the seller have a return policy? I am guessing not since you had to file a disput- but what a nightmare! :wtf:
  11. i have got all the receipts with the bag, i think it is the buyer that wants to get something from me
  12. What did she say when you sent copies of the receipt to her? She can call the retailer that originally sold the bag and verify it's authenticity.

  13. I see. :yes:

    Are they definitely authentic receipts from the shop/boutique/website where you bought the bag?

    Or did you buy it on eBay and get the receipts sent with it?
  14. It's not up to PayPal to decide the quality or longevity of a purse. If they received the item (hopefully you had a tracking #) and it is authentic (as stated by you and in the auction) then paypal should side with you. There are so many sketchy people out there.... Good luck. Paypal has been really helpful to me before!
  15. This seems very odd to me - why would an authentic high-end bag fall apart after two uses?