The world’s loneliest Prada store

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    the world’s loneliest prada store

    by deputydog ⋅ 27 / 12 / 2007 ⋅


    this is ‘prada marfa’, an unusual building located in the desert near marfa, texas on an otherwise desolate stretch of highway 90. behind the glass a selection of shoes and bags, presumably more expensive than the structure itself, have sat untouched since 2005.


    very few people have ever been inside prada marfa and money has never been handed over inside the premises as it’s actually a spooky piece of art / clever promotional stunt erected by michael elmgreen and ingar dragset, 2 berlin artists seemingly intent on playing with the public’s minds.


    from the artists…

    ‘..the combination of a vast, open desert landscape in an un-populated area and a luxury goods store is completely unthinkable. nature suits fashion as a visual backdrop, as one often sees in advertisement. the minimal, corporate prada design and the desolate surrounding ranch land make a great impression together, but simultaneously the two forces also render each other useless.’

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  2. That is really fascinating..
  3. OMG way too cool!!! That stuff in there CAN'T be it?!?!
  4. If it is real and the prices are cheap, I'll be enroute on the next flight to Marfa, TX!!!!!
  5. Love it! What a great concept! :biggrin:
  6. it was vandalized and someone stole all the stuff..

  7. ^ What a shame.

    I guess it was inevitable, though? :shrugs:

    As it was an installation, I suppose the theft and vandalism has really just added another dimension to it, though! :biggrin:
  8. Oooooooooooh, I can't to go to Marfa, TX!! Wonder how far it is from me!

    Texas NEVER has anything cool like California does :p
  9. Somebody in Texas has some great Prada bags :smile: If whoever vandalized it thought it was dumb, I'd say they would have just spray painted the bags and shoes too, so they didn't think it was THAT dumb :smile:
  10. This is so cool, one of the best peices of art Ive seen in 2007, what a great idea. I wonder if you can buy a picture of it on canvas ?
  11. ^ Yes, that would be great, wouldn't it? :biggrin:
  12. This is perplexing..very interesting.
  13. This is weeeeeiiiirrrrrrrrd. Is it true? Is it real?? :confused1: