The World's Healthiest Foods

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  1. I came across this site and it seems like a great tool for learning more about healthier foods. I wanted to share it! It's more than just a list of great foods, as it also tells you what different vitamins and things do for you! It's been so helpful for a "nutrition-dumb" person like me :shame: . I am learning a lot and hope that this can help out others too!! I may even try a recipe or two!

    The World's Healthiest Foods - check it out!

    I also have a question for you nutrition savy ladies: I take a womens multi-vitaman daily. Should I be eating nutrition rich foods instead of my vitamin? Can I overdose on certain things because of the vitamin? Any thoughts? Thank you!!!:amuse:
  2. cool site, thanks!
  3. Sometimes you can eat much more than your daily needs. Vitamin A for example can be obtained from carrots- but if you eat a handful of carrots, you have 'overdosed'.

    I beleive that supplements are good to take, as long as you have some sort of direction. If you are taking a multi-vitamin, then just stick to that one and still go for nutrition rich foods.

    To really overdose, it would take so much. You may get more than your needs, but to put your body in shock takes much more than that!

    So do both- eat your nutrition rich foods and take your multi-vitamin.

    Thanks for the site!!! Makes me smile to see that I eat many of those!! :yes:
  4. The only thing that totally surprises me is that CARROTS don't seem to be on there?!
  5. if u eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and protein.. u might not need a multivitamin. i take the viactiv ones, but the taste is not my favorite. pills make me nauseous cuz i have a very sensitive stomach. thanks for the website too! =D
  6. Glad that the website is helpful for you gals!!

    Megs, thanks for the advice. That was my thought to as far as taking my mutivitamin and and easting ubber healthy! Just getting confirmation on my "gut" feeling!

    MandM, I had the same reaction. Then I finally did notice that carrots are on the list, but listed under Roots Vegetables instead of Vegetables.
  7. A food-based vitamin is better for you and easier for your body to assimilate. (Rainbow Light makes a great one-a-day womens vitamin. Some other good brands are Source Naturals, Nature's Life and Nature's Plus) Unfortunately today, many foods don't have the nutritional values they did in the past, due to modern farming techniques depleting minerals in the soil (try buying organic fruits and vegies whenever you can). Also, there are more environmental stresses on our bodies today, so a vitamin with a good range of antioxidants (vitamins E & C are common ones) helps combat this.

    There are certain vitamins that are stored in the fat cells of our bodies, which a person can overdose on (Vitamin A, D, and K are some), but most multi vitamins don't have too much.

    (Can you tell I was the manager of the vitamin dept. in a health food store? :biggrin:)

    Good for you for taking steps to take care of yourself!
  8. thanks for the site.. nice to know I eat most of the food listed.. now, I guess just gotta eat them more often...
  9. ^^ Pippi, WOW!! You are certainly a great source on this topic!! Thanks for the help. I will check into switching to a food-based vitamin. *Cheers* to being healthier!
  10. thanks for the site... very helpful
  11. Very informative site! Thank you.
  12. thanks, lookin rite now
  13. i came acoss that site last month and loved it! thanks for sharing it :smile:
  14. For those of you into health food stuffs, I found the book SuperFoodsRX very interesting and easy to read. It talks about 12 foods that one should try to incorporate into their daily diet.
  15. Whole Foods also makes Food-Based Vitamins and they carry Rainbow Light as well.