The World Cup is here. What is your contingency plans?

  1. Ladies, today there is this little matter in football (the proper version:lol: aka soccer/The Beautiful Game not the chicken version where everyone plays sumo wearing kevlar armour good enough to go to war :roflmfao:) of the World Cup.

    Men argue that the World Cup is the Greatest Show on Earth unparalled even by the Olympics, I am wondering what are your contingency plans when your other half would not budge from the sofa and staring at the TV oblivious to the rest of the world?

    I had to promise my fiancé that I will not speak to him or budge him off the TV when there is football match going on. Tomorrow is the first day that England plays so I'm going to go and get pampered while leaving him with the 'boys'.

    What are you thinking of doing? I have a instinctive feeling I'm going to have to do a lot of these getaways during the next 4 weeks:roflmfao: .
  2. I am going to love the next few weeks!!! My husband (who is German) will be watching all the German WC games with my boys (11 and 9 years old). In fact right now they are counting down to the game that is on in 2 hours.

    I am free as a bird!!
  3. HA!! I was just thinking about this...after living in the UK for years I am now a football fan....I can not wait until tomorow!!! It is the ONLY sport that I like to watch I am off to our Irish pub...(table reserved) to watch the England game and DRINK alot of cosmos. My pampering day is I will be ready!! LOL (I wish I was going to be in the Uk to watch, sweaty 90 degreee HUMID key west will have to do!
  4. I love football so was planning to watch as many of the games on cable TV as possible. However, being somewhat scatterbrained, I didn't sign up for the PPV package on cable TV (I had wrongly assumed that as an existing subscriber to the sports channels, I didn't have to sign up) and only applied for it today. So I'll have to wait for a few days before I can watch the games live on TV. Aaarrrggghhhh!

    Fortunately, the opening game will be shown live on the free channel.
  5. I had a ticket for the starting game Germany-Costa Rica. I gave to my Dad because for him it's a dream coming true so now my dh, son and my dad just left for the game. I'll watch it together with my mum. Actually this made me more happy than going myself and by the way I hate those huge amount of people.
  6. What a lovely gesture, Tanja :biggrin:
  7. I'm so excited (see my icon?). I'll probably watch the games with my BF. A few of the Irish pubs in Philly are showing all the games, so we may go there to watch if it isn't so crowded.

    Tanja, what a sweet gesture!
  8. Wow Tanja ! You're so lucky to get tickets ! When I was in Germany, I remember watching TV and they kept on playing the commercial where they had the guy yelling the last time Germany won the cup. I also saw the junior Brazil team at the Benz museum in Stuttgart, so funny.
  9. I am so excited! For those of you in the US - I believe ESPN and ESPN2 are showing most of the matches. And I think Univision is showing all of them. I'm actually watching the intro right now on Univision. I'm glad to know there are other football fans here on the purse forum!
  10. I love football (soccer) and funny enough, my DH does not. He prefers Aussie Rules so I'll be doing all the watching in this house:smile:) I'm so excited coz this year, FINALLY, Australia made it in!!!

  11. i do not care for soccer at all but i will visit germany cause very good friends have tickets and invited me so i try to see it as a new experience;)
  12. Between ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 all games will be shown in the U.S.

    I'm sad because I can't find a cute U.S. jersey to wear. All the stores around me have L or XL left. I really want a "don't tread on me" shirt.
  13. Yeah Univision has them all. I am watching it right now. Germany is winning 4-2 against Costa Rica. Now until July 9th is going to be WONDERFUL!!!! My whole family loves soccer. I hope US does have a good year. Hopefully they can improve from last World Cup. But I think, I believe Brazil will win it though. I'm rooting for the America's:heart:

  14. well my bf is portugese so his whole family is into the soccer thing (even though i'm german and my family is into it *shrugs* it skipped me!) so i plan to go shopping! lol maybe have a girls night out to the movies or something fun
  15. YEA! I think I'm more excited about the WORLD CUP than my BF :lol::roflmfao: Where I came from (Indonesia), world cup is HUGE, and I grew up watching it -- in fact it's the only sport I follow religiously!! :lol: People don't get too excited about it here where I am now (US), but I've been counting down days til the games started, printing out schedules, and even following some of the earlier qualifying matches! I stayed up all night/woke up before dawn at the last world cup, and very much bummed that this one would be aired in the morning in the US -- I just know I will have to keep the Live Matchcast window open at work for the whole month :love::shame: