The "Work" size Balenciaga bag is perfect for Dudes! Great Men Bag!

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  1. I've seen many guys in the forum ask about if Balenciaga "Work" size bag is too small for a guy to carry? so I've decided to post these two photos of some of my "Work" size bags to show all the male fashionistas that the "Work" size is perfect for everyday uses!

    I do like the "Weekender" but it's a little too big for everyday uses in my opinion! but it's perfect for weekend trips or carry-on to the airplane.

    so guys, post your modeling pics carrying your Balenciaga here, show us and share the fun!

    I am 5'7" (170 CM) Tall.

    Here are two of my "Work" bag, the "Outremer Blue" & "Moutarde Yellow"


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  2. They look fab on you! :heart: those 2 colors!
  3. Both bags look amazing on you. That moutarde is yummy :drool:
  4. Looks great on you! :smile:
  5. I love the bags on you! That mustard is a great color on you, it pops!
  6. The Work looks great on you! I love the colors you chose -- they're so vibrant and perfect for summer!
  7. Perfect man bags! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. I think you are rockin' those Works! Thanks for posting your great mod shots!
  9. Love them both! But your moutard has my heart :heart:
  10. The Work looks great on you. ITA, I've seen 2 dudes together with WORK - a Sang and Pommier. What a head turner! :smile:
  11. They look amazing on you.
  12. AWESOME... now i wan one too
  13. I must confess, when i read the title of this thread I had my doubts.

    But those DO look great on you.

  14. this is a great man bag. the city--bag is a bit too girly for a man, but this is perfect
  15. imo it's height dependent. any guy taller than 5'9" would look like he's wearing a purse with a Work.