The work or weekender... help!

  1. Hi all Balenciaga fanatics!

    I need advice and where else better than to ask the 'experienced' carriers that are on this forum.

    The scenario: Want the bag for everyday use. Mostly books/magazines and everyday necessities. Would you reccomend the Work or Weekender?

    Plus, keeping in mind with long term usage, which bag sags more gracefully and won't look so out of shape?

    Do you guys find it hard to look thru the weekender when you're trying to reach for stuffs? Is there too much space?

    Definitely will not go for anything smaller than the Work. Also, I can't get my hands on any of the mens range here. *Alas

    Give me your thoughts. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I don't personally own either bag, but I would say Work. Weekender is awesome, but to me looks too big as an every day bag. JMHO :yes:
  3. I have a work in greige and a weekender in black.
    I think the weekender is realy much bigger and more stronger to carry heavy
    things as books and magazines:love:

    the handles are made stronger by putting big bands between the linning and the leather.

    Both sizes ar Yummie

    Good luck FX:heart:
  4. I really like the Work style but Weekender most definitely will hold more. However I'm not sure if either would be strong enough to carry heavy books and magazines.
  5. If you want to carry lots of stuff (which it sounds like you do) I'd go the weekender for sure...

    Hmmmmm... I'm really in love with the Weekender... and that is what I will be treating myself to at the end of this year, so...

    My vote goes to Weekender!

    Nice to see yet another Aussie on here xoxoxox
  6. I say go big! Love the weekender!
  7. Weekender, all the way! It's the size I carry about 70% of the time (of the three sizes I currently have). Holds my portfolio, books, EVERYTHING. The first one took a while to get used to, but the compliments I get are insane!
  8. We!!!!
  9. I use my Work as my everyday bag. I carry all my stuff, and almost always have a magazine with me, and the size is perfect for me. :love:

    Maybe it would be easier if you were to list the items you're thinking about carrying about daily. Then we can chip in and give you better advice. :yes:
  10. if you're looking for a bag to carry books in, i would go with the weekender. the handles make it easier to carry on the shoulder. also, assuming you're a male.... i think, weekenders look better on men than works. ;)

    FX:heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. i own few weekenders because i always go for the biggest when i had the chance. and i was tempted to get a work. i got a work, i decide i'd love my weekender more and selling the work :yes:
    i love the slouchiness a weekender can get.
  13. I love the work bag for everyday, think the weekender is a bit on the large size but it totally depende on how many books etc you are carrying.
    Work will hols A4 size but for a load of books you should go bigger.