The Work ... I need help please

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing at Work handbag. I normally carry the Day bag, because I love how it fits on my shoulder.

    I'm 5'4 and weigh 127lbs. My arms are fairly meaty, ( so to speak) lol...

    Will this bag fit good over my shoulder?

    I also carried a first over my shoulder with no problem.

    Anyone recommend the Work as an everyday bag?

  2. Well, if you carried a First w/no problem, then I think the Work handles aren't any shorter than a First (I could be wrong about that). I can guarantee you it won't be NEAR as comfortable as a Day, though!!
  3. I've heard with patience... and after breaking in the bag, it will eventually fit over shoulders. It sounds like you wouldn't have a problem since you could fit the first over your shoulders. ;)
  4. it's been said that the later works (after 06 possibly?) have longer handle drop, so i believe you shoud be able to wear the bag by its handles. i don't have a first yet. i'd say if you can wear the first, you can likewise wear the work, by the handles.

    i've to say, though, that if the work is stuffed, then it might be uncomfortable and one handle might slide off your shoulder, since it's not small and flat like the first. hope i make sense.
  5. i find that the rh work bags are easier to break in for the handles to go over my shoulder. my gh bags take a bit more time to break in to fit. the work is def a great bag to carry for everyday but the gh bags are a bit heavier.
  6. I would definitely recommend the regular hardware work..
    It is my favorite style and i had 3 already.. They are very great in daily use for work.. I am about your size and it does fit on my shoulder but it is not as comfortable as a Day bag..
    But with time, it will loose a bit and become more comfy..

    I heard the 08 they increased the handle again but i dont think it happened since I have the sky blue and had the bubble gum.. (or maybe I got fatter)

    Good Luck and I am sure you will love it!
  7. this thread might help as there're pictures to illustrate the differences. the handle drop of the first and city should be the same.
  8. I saw a lady yesterday, about your size, carrying a black SGH Work. That bag is beautiful, but I personally feel it is a little bit too big for her. She carried it on her arm and was pushing a shopping cart. Maybe if she carried it under her shoulder would look better.
  9. LOVE the work...I am a meaty gal and its great to carry everything in.... think it looks fab on every woman...the skinnier ones just get to carry it up on their shoulder!!!!!

  10. I'm 5'6'' and 115 lbs and I love the Work...I have 2, working on a third. I find it hard to wear on my shoulder and my shoulders/arms are not big. I definitely can't if I'm wearing a sweater or a coat. I don't care though, it is a great style no matter how it's carried.
  11. YOU DID!!!!!!!!!! :wtf:Was it fabulous??
    That is the ONLY bag I have on my wishlist.....well, currently:nuts:
  12. I'm about 5'3", 125lbs, and the Work is my favorite style. I agree that the handles on the RH version break in and stretch easier because they're thinner (handles on the GH Works are built heftier and stiffer). But the handles on the GH Work are also longer than the handles on the RH Work. I don't have any difficultly wearing the Work over the shoulder, even over bulky winter clothes. Here's a pic of my Black SGH Work worn over my not so flimsy leather jacket. And this was the first time I carried this Work, so the handles were as stiff and unstretched as can be.

  13. Deco - you look great with that bag! I'm not a hugh GH fan but you and that bag are pushing me in that direction :smile: