The Word Of The Day For Friday The 13th

  1. For all those who don't like Friday the 13th or the number 13 in general. Here's your word TRISKAIDEXAPHOBIA! If you are triskaidexaphobic then you have a strong fear or aversion to the number 13, especially the date Friday the 13th. But, buck up...this is the last one for this year. Of course, if you're superstitious then the 2 Friday the 13ths cancelled out any good luck the date 07/07/07 would have had on the year.
    I have no special reverance or aversions to any numbers, but I do find it fascinating that people and cultures put such significance on numbers. Everyone seems to have their favorites, like 7, and their "bad" numbers like 13 and 39 (3 times 13).
    Have a great day, everyone and remember: you make your own luck by your attitude and choices.
  2. and remember: you make your own luck by your attitude and choices.

    I agree!!! :tup: I'm goin to the beach to catch me some rays!
  3. ^^^ yup, I have no problem with friday 13th. (some people even consider it to be a lucky day)
  4. My mother thinks Friday 13ths are lucky days, and so she chose to work today. :lol:
  5. <--knock on wood.
  6. I have to say that Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me!

    Everytime it comes around, I think, "Ooo, I'll have some luck today, LOL!"
  7. ITA! I got a "tnt" response today to a job interview I went on yesterday...meaning "thanks no thanks." After digging in a little deeper I was informed I wouldnt' want to work in this group anyway, thanks to a very trusted inside source. So I consider that lucky...time and anguish saved, eh?? :yes:
  8. Lol I graduated on a Friday the 13th...has never been a big deal for me. :p
  9. i hate the 13th usually (whether it falls on friday or not) but today was absolutely AMAZING. i got to see harry potter, i spent time with my husband and my mom and best of all? the shelter dog i was thinking of adopting got along awesome with my neighbor dog when we did the dog meet lily's coming home with me tomorrow!!! :yahoo:

    i'm choosing to believe they're the 13th is lucky from now on. :smile:
  10. I didn't even realize yesterday was Friday the 13th...I am a bit dense sometimes.

    Or...most of the time... :girlsigh: