The Wonders of Spa and Box Calf

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  1. I collected my Kelly today, she was at spa.

    Before Spa:
    beforespa2_1 1.jpg
  2. And here's after Spa :love:


  3. Wow!!!! Looks fantastic!!!
  4. YES!!!!! The wonders of Box Calf right here!!!!! How beautiful she is, Princess..........don't you LOVE Box calf?!?!?!?!?!

    Please, how old is your baby?
  5. Shopmom: I am totally in love with boxcalf :yahoo: :yahoo:(other than the fact that when I have her with me, it always rain incl today! :cursing:
    She's a G in square - 2003? so ~4 yrs old?

    Cal: Thanks! It's a spa alright -- I hope I come out as good after a spa :angel:
  6. I keep coming back to look at the pics, it's just sooooo beautiful!
  7. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  8. Fantastic!!
  9. :wtf: OMG!!!!!!!!!!! It looks totally "NEW".....
  10. The overall look - look FANTASTIC, the scuff edges are cleaned up and color was added. You no longer can see it, but it is still here, since the leather was "rubbed" off.

    The folded leather on the sides are the "wrinkles" are less deep, which I am really happy, she has a long long drink while at spa.

    Gold hardware was polished, even my keys and lock are polished, basically, she had the whole works. I had a sneak peek at her when she was at spa couple of days ago and I was so excited after seeing her.

    But collecting her today, beats everything, especially with DH by my side. Even he, the normally roll-eyeballs-purse-tolerating husband was impressed :yahoo:
  11. Congratulations!! She is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I looked that Good after the SPA!!

  12. Oh, wow! That's impressive!! That makes me love Hermes more!!
  13. That's incredible, princessfrog! Boxcalf is the best (and this comes from a Chevre girl)!
  14. so glad to hear that your box baby was well taken care of. looks gorgeous!
  15. It's amazing, PF!

    It makes me wanna get a boxcalf next.