The wonderful Xbox 360

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  1. We have a wonderful, very business life...and on the weekends my husband is an Xbox 360 I decided to sit in for a few minutes as he plays with others online...I Im sitting there...talking away to his players and he got all pissed.....oh the joys of marriage...I said...its okay..Im off to buy a new LV...he did not even look at which one is next..hmmmmmm:lol:
  2. LOL. My husband is like that too. They are always so distracted when they are playing games or working on cars. It's the perfect oppurtunity to break the news that you got a bag, or in getting a new one. :lol:
  3. LOL! men and their gadgets!! my ex spent 17 hours playing Final Fantasy once. That's one of the many reasons why he's my 'ex' now.

    My current boyfriend doesn't have the same obsession. He doesn't even own a console! *phew*
  4. This happens everytime he gets a new game...he has not slept it like almost a day.....I can NOT say anything as the first time I found this forum I was on it for sit ...and I wait....for some...attention....thank god I have dogs...
  5. i was at costco today and was adming the xbox 360.. i guess, not getting it would be good so my bf will not focus more on that but on me.. lol.. he has golf anyways to spend his time on... while he golfs, i shop.. hehehe
  6. mine is hooked on XBOX 360 as well. 7 days a week...weekends are around 12 hours a day. I just crawl upstairs to the other TV and read a book...or surf around the PF drooling over bags I want.
    I told him his XBOX was a bad habit....he hogs the downstairs TV so I go on the internet and find stuff to buy...I tell him (in my pretty woman imitation) 'BIG MISTAKE" lol
  7. LOL..He really goes in stages with the damn thing...thnk goodness..but when its ON...its ON!! Im banned to the other living arguements...its just the way it goes!
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