The Wonderful Willow Club...

  1. Nor me
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    I agree. The small Willow with nickel hardware caught my eye and to be honest I wasn't in love with anything else and had a credit note.....but having had it at home for a week I wasn't feeling the love! I'd be worried about how the zip-off clutch would look if it was used independently as well, and to be honest it was too small to carry anything but a lippy, credit card, keys and phone. I did love that it could be worn in different ways and used that to justify the expense but I would be very nervous about being out in town with this Bag and just losing stuff from it quite apart from being robbed! the bigger version would be a better buy I think as it,s a proper tote and You could put a scarf or cardi on top of everything.

    So - lovely, but not for me......and not for very many people judging by the reaction when I took mine back and the fact there were plenty still on the shelves.....
  3. Thanks! Will have a try!
  4. These are my Willows, excuse the bad photo. The black shrunken calf has silver h/w. I love them to pieces :biggrin:
  5. me too! i love mine to pieces. i know for sure that my next mulberry purchase will be the small willow in black with gold hardware :smile:
  6. A gorgeous pair Esmerelda :tup:
  7. Seconded, I am very jealous!
  8. Do love the navy blue one.
  9. Thanks ladies, I'm very happy with them. They're the perfect style for me :biggrin:
  10. Lovely bags Esmerelda! :graucho:The navy one is so smart. I held the new smooth calf in black with nickel yesterday (in medium size) and really liked it. If it had a top zip I'd be back in the club in a shot.
  11. Are these bags heavy? I want to get a small or med size but worried bout the weight. I dislike heavy bags.
  12. They are super lightweight - not heavy at all :yes:
  13. I am re-joining the club! Don't care about the lack of secure fastenings when a bag's this beautful! Just waiting for the arrival of the smooth black calfskin and nickel model....
  14. All I wanted to hear sweety! So so excited for you!!! :biggrin:
  15. Thank you Melu! xx:biggrin: