The wonderful pink one!

  1. Hi dearies,
    understand that some podders hv bought the Heritage canvas pink tote bag!
    But its nt on the website yet.
    Can any kind soul advise me where can i get the bag and the price?
    Totally in love with it!:drool: TIA!!:flowers:
  2. Hihi,
    thanx for ur fast reply!! i tried to access the webby but it is under updating.
    Can i noe wat is JAX?:p
  3. ^^^It's the Coach warehouse. You can order the bag through them.

    The # for JAX is : 1-888-262-6224
  4. Ohh!! Nw i understand!
    Thank you lovelies for ur help!
    JUst to check is the price at JAX same as at the boutique?
    And is the bag out at the boutique or outlets?
    I just gt my large bleecker duffle.
    And told DH tat i will be good and under a ban.
    But when i see this gorgeous pink one..... i felt lk biting myself.
  5. It's not out anywhere in the US yet. Next year sometime though. You can call JAX and they will ship it to you
  6. i ordered mine on wednesday...coming by monday!!!
  7. Hi DC5Chick06,
    thanx for ur patience and explaination again!;)

    Hi Babdygirl14,
    Congrats!! envious .....:greengrin: Trying to resist the temptation!
  8. Babygirl, congrats!!! I should have one right after Christmas!!!! Yay! I can't wait!