The Wonderful and Oops!!! New Koala!

  1. I got an absolutely gorgeous Monogram Wallet delivered to my house today! I swear there's not a scratch on it - just beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful PFM who sold it to me (let me know if I can give you credit!!!). It's beautiful. I love eBay sometimes!!!!!

    Then for the OOPs!!!!

    I went to the Charlotte Boutique this evening to buy a new candy apple 4 key holder. Was all psyched! It's a long drive for me and I knew exactly what I wanted. My SA was off tonight, but he had it waiting. Well the SA working kept talking about color transfer, how I had too many keys (8) and how I should get the monogram 6 key one, and oh - no - I did! What was I thinking??? Have you ever gotten talked into something you know you didn't want and kind of told you needed to be practical when you just once didn't want to be practical?? I wanted the pretty one! All I have is mono stuff in my purse (mono wallet, agenda, cosmetic case, etc., etc.) - I wanted a spark of color. I don't know why I didn't stand up for myself. Usually I'm really good at it! Now I have to drive all the way back there (long way) tomorrow to exchange it and get the one I really wanted. I am SUCH A WUSS!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you again to "SR!!!!!!!!" I love my new Koala monogram wallet. Now I can give the PTI (I think) to daughter - or let her choose between the two which she loves. (I think I'll let her choose!)

    So, all in all - happy about wallet - very sad about huge, masculine looking key holder!
  2. congrats on the new purchases!

    i love the new pomme d'amour color... totally agree that you should've stuck with that instead of the mono key holder. sometimes SA's are just that good at talking people into getting something else! i have a lot of mono stuff too, but it's always nice to have something from another line.
  3. Congrats on the new goodies. Sorry to hear you need to go back but I always enjoy going to the LV store. Maybe you'll see something else! :graucho:
  4. Congrats on the wallet, but if you dont like the key holder cant you take it back and exchange it?
  5. Congrats!!
  6. you're such a great mom! letting your daughter choose which wallet she'd like! How old is she btw?!?!

    hee hee...when SA try to change my mind on a purchase I start to turn like the Charlie Brown kids and all I hear is "blah blah bah...blah blha blah" and I just nod and smile and take the one I love :smile:

    sorry that didn't turn out for you, maybe if you really don't want mono you can still exchange?
  7. Congrats! And sorry about the key holder...that used to happen to me, but now I am much better!
  8. I'm going to exchange it I think for the new red key holder, which is what I should have left with in the first place. Shouldn't have any problem because I shop there so often and I bought it right at close at 8:45. If I get there first thing in the morning, I shouldn't have any issues. I didn't even take it out of the wrapping. Got home and was just sad - thinking I totally let her sway me. I am so good at dealing with people in court - what in the world made me get so flustered by an SA! You ever let someone just sway you like that???

    Going to have to get up early and drive fast (I'm an organist part-time and have to play a funeral in the late afternoon), so Ill have to get there right when they open and leave again. ARRGGHHHH!
  9. great wallet charleston but KEEP IT! you hate the pti. now enjoy the one you love! your daughter will love or learn to love the pti. you are a fabulous mom and get your daughters such great things- you need to do the same for yourself.

    now go back and get the vernis key holder you love too!

  10. You're so sweet - thanks for the kind words. I know me though, the only way I'd really enjoy it is if I knew she got the one that was most special to her. - You know, the one that would brighten her day and make her smile when she opens her purse. She's worked SO SO hard to get accepted to medical school. I want to make her smile, not feel like I come first. I'm just an old mom - a wallet is a place to put my stuff - My time already came and this is her time to shine. So I want her to pick the wallet.

    But - but - but - I may just do it - I may just splurge and get that pretty little red candy apple - the shiny key holder - just for me! (Is that bad?) I don't know - maybe I'm too old and practical for shiny red patent leather. Maybe the SA was right - boy that really makes me old and sad!
  11. ok, ok. so here's what you do. you say "hi my darling. which would you like better? this FABULOUS, FUNCTIONAL and so pretty PTI or this ho hum little wallet, eh.?" and then let her pick. LOL. you are such a great person charleston. but seriously- this is BOTH your times to shine. you are not done yet and she has so much time to come into her own. she is going to be a fabulous doctor! she has so much excitement to come!

    i got a long pep talk from one of the LV SAs tonight. she didn't really know me from adam but ive talked to her a little and she was telling me this is my year and i need to own it and myself. she has no idea about anything about my life but i so needed to hear that. sometimes people just get you, you know? but i digress...
  12. You're so sweet - and making me feel so much better! I kind of felt like the SA (and I've seen her many times - she's always been nice) - just has me kind of pegged, you know? I'm this corporate work-a-holic legal beagle that always wears suits and pumps and couldn't possibly want something shiny and red. I felt like telling her my bra was red and so there! But then I remembered it wasn't - just lilac.

    I want red!
  13. LOL at telling her it was red.

    i had the opposite experience. i was thinking about buying the illovo tonight and they said it was too formal for me and i could "rock" a younger type bag like the saumur i'm eyeing or a denim bag. i could NEVER wear the denim, so not me. i don't even think the illovo is that formal. lol.

    we should go shopping together and shock them all!
  14. That sounds really fun! Come down to Charlotte - we're all meeting soon! I would be thrilled to be told I was "rockin!" I do love the Samur too! And I don't think the illovo is that formal at all! I once had someone tell me my Drouot was formal - I was like what???

    I agree with you too on the Denim. It's cute, but kind of reminds me of high school. They had an unbelievable sale going at Niemans. I had to reign myself back - saw Gucci riding boots (flat) in black with the GG's at the top in gold that my daughter would have loved - reduced from over $1,000 to $600.00. I had to walk by VERY fast!
  15. lol! i so wish my mom loved shopping like you do! if i buy anything now i need to hide it from her because she's OVER IT. lol. i get reminded all the time too.

    the denim is pretty to look at but i KNOW i would never find a thing to wear it with and imo it's too spency for denim.

    i am going to be in nc in like april. i have a convention to go to. not sure when though.

    i'm not sure i could rock anything. not even in my apt with the blinds shut. lol