The women's murder club

  1. Few questions:

    Does anyone read the James Patterson books?

    Have you seen the show?

    What do you think of the show?

    I have read 1-5 and I am currently reading book number 6.
    I watched the first episode today because I taped the episode on DVR and just got a chance to watch it. It normally comes on Friday nights a 8 eastern/9central on abc. Very good show but it doesn't really go with the books per se. I like the show and I think that the cast is rather good. So what do you all think? I can't wait until next week and the bathtub incident at the end was freaky.
  2. Ive never read any of his books, and havent heard of this one yet. There's six books in the series?? Im going to look it up at the library, sounds intriguing. Argh, Ive got Hillerman on the list too. So many good books, so little time!
  3. I love James Patterson.... I thought the show was pretty good....looking forward to watching Friday.

    The short blond girl that plays the lawyer looks so familiar....maybe from a teenage show from years ago.
  4. You should read his murder club series or his Alex Cross series. He really is a good writer. He has books that are suspense/mystery and he has romance novels. I highly recommend James Patterson. Check out the show, it is interesting. It looks like you can check out episodes at ABC's website and also James patterson has an official website.

  5. I was thinking the same thing about Jill's character. I think the actress may have played in a movie before? Oh, I just looked it up, she played in the movie called "The Faculty" with Elijah Woods. Lindsay's character is the same actress from Law and Order named Angie Harmon.

    this is the official website and also you can watch eisodes here:
  6. Angie Harmon?? Oh wow.

    Yeah, Ive definitley got to get into JP. I had no idea he ventured into romance. lol
  7. I was bummed, I wanted to watch it, but was counting on being able to watch it online...then it wasn't available :sad:

  8. I also noticed that, but the new one comes on this Friday at 9pm eastern standard time. I think ABC will eventually add it to its list of shows to watch online. Watch the new one this Friday, it looks like it will be good.
  9. Oh, I was is online, it's under!
  10. OMG I love James Patterson and the Women's Murder Club - I really hope a UK network picks it up.
  11. can you watch the episodes online until the UK network displays the show? If you can go to

    I think you will really enjoy the show.
  12. Unfortunately not the website will only allow access to US residents.
  13. I cant wait for the show tonight!! I caught it last week and LOVED it!
  14. So has anyone that has read the book series seen any of the tv episodes? I'm curious as to how closely they follow the books (if at all).

    I'm a new Patterson fan! I've read tons of Grisham and finally decided to try a new author! I read The Beach House and loved it! Anxious to start the murder club Series even though i havent seen any of the tv episodes. I'd be really interested to hear what any of you who've read & seen them think...
  15. I have read all the women's murder club books, as have my husb & step dau. We all LOVE the show. I truly think Angie makes a fabulous Lindsay Boxer, it's a much more endearing role for her - much more character than when she was Miss Carmichael on Law & Order. Thank goodness for DVR or I would never get to see this show!

    I wasn't loving the girl they cast as Cindy at 1st but she's growing on me now which was pretty much how her character was in the books so I guess it's fitting.

    The show doesn't exactly follow the books the way that that a book to movie would - it's a weekly show so that'd be hard to do.

    This is definitely one of my new favorite shows!