The Wolly Mop has LANDED!

  1. I'm sure that my dear friend Saich have been waiting with anticipation for these photos. The Wolly Mop has arrived on my doorstep this afternoon (about 10 minutes ago)!

    Please excuse the clutter on the desk and nevermind the syringe (I am not an addict, it's for my fishes). Ok... maybe a Bag-addict.... :p

    Saich - My dear friend, I have to admit that it's better in person than what I first perceived it to be before... but it's still a NO JOY for me, it's too complex, but I hope you love it though. I'm just as perplexed as before. :heart:



  2. Much better in your photos than the auction Bal! :tup:

    Still....its just a tad over the top for BL.1 :upsidedown: I might get out once in a lifetime to wear it...Vegas? Yeah, that would be a good start....:wlae:
  3. Oh wow! :heart:I really love this bag, it would make such a big statement!!:heart: I guess I would find an occasion to wear it...also it would be great to keep as an addition to a serious Fendi collector like our dear Saich...:yes:
  4. I would kill for the chance to rock that bag just one go girl.
  5. Baglady - I agree. It's definitely the most interesting bag I've seen in a long long time. For a sophisticated lady, like our Saichy, I have no doubt she'll be able to ROCK it.
  6. I definitely want to see what kind of outfit one wears with that!!!
  7. Oh my dear friend Balenciaga, thank you so much for doing this for me.

    The bag is "interesting", of course its not a love of my life like my LE Zucca, but I do like it. Team this bag with Black skinny jeans and a plain black long vest top and it will make a stunning outfit.
  8. like this bag ALOT! very trendy and great for nights out
  9. Thanks Cammy........

    Baglady - I am hoping my dogs never see this bag, they might think its a new toy for

    Again I would like to say a big THANK YOU to BalenciagaLove, my dear friend for holding onto this for me until Vegas - and sorry it freak your husband
  10. I like the colors -- can't wait to see a modeling pic!
  11. LOL! Saich - You should have seen him. I was trying to poof it out and he just looked at me like I was CRAZY.... I can't wait for you to have this bag now, just dying to see what your creativity will bring out of it. :yahoo: :wlae:
  12. LOL - I can only imagine what the reaction will be when I carry this in Vegas, think I am going to need my friends around BalenciagaLove and Deco, and their will be not walking 10 paces ahead of I am not with
  13. LOL! That is so funny. I think it'd be more like we'll walk 10 paces behind so that we can catch the look on everyone's face! :graucho: Maybe even take pictures!
  14. Thats just evil
  15. it makes me giggle:smile: But yeah modelling pics!