The WoC - Wallet on Chain thread

I love WOCs and ended up buying three over the years. However, I rarely use them. It's difficult to put a phone and keys inside them.
I use them for concerts and sports games in stadiums because it usually fits with their small bag policies. I also use them as a clutch. But then again I don’t have keys (house and car are keyless) and use a cardholder for a wallet. It fits my iPhone max pro and the cardholder with room to spare.
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Is there anything you’d recommend to get the creasing out? Grabbing from the center helps, but because the creases are already there, they seem to crease with the rest of the back when the flap lifts.
Please do this at your own risk, but I've had success with steamer before. Wrap the steamer in some clean fabric so it's not directly touching the bag, steam the area for 2-3 seconds, gently massage the leather, repeat a couple times but don't overdo it, let the bag dry and voila.